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Posted on Jun 12, 2014 in Spiritual living

Semele on Newtimber hillI’m absolutely relishing my closeness to the land during this pilgrimage, and in response my bodily awareness and sensitivity is increasing. It truly is as if the closer I get to the earth, the more I become one with it in a very physical as well as spiritual way.

As I began to explore this phenomenon with my typical curiosity I came across a half-remembered zoological term which I had read before – entrainment. The dictionary defines entrainment as “to adjust (an internal rhythm of an organism) so that it synchronises with an external cycle, such as that of light and dark.” That’s exactly what I feel happening to me on a day to day basis as I immerse myself in different environments. I feel that I’m entraining with the natural cycles of the earth. Just before setting off my body was already settling into the pattern, but now my menstrual cycle always follows either the new or the full moon (at 48 my cycle can jump about a bit occasionally but is usually very regular!)

Just occasionally, it seems my body can’t keep up, or the energies are so powerful that I need a while to synchronise with them and integrate their vibration. This is signalled in my body by a sense of disorientation, sightly blurry vision, and a dizziness which can at times make the world like it’s spinning around me. Thanks to the months of experience, I recognise this process very quickly and I’ve discovered that the best thing to do is go straight to bed and allow sleep to work its magic. Here, my physical and energetic bodies can carry on their work unhindered and when I wake up (and it’s usually a long sleep of ten or twelve hours) those symptoms are gone.

Ocasionally there’s a residue of spaciness so I’ve learned not to schedule intense spiritual work for the day after one of these episodes, but instead to focus on grounding food and activities. Invariably I feel as if all my senses have been heightened, and another wavelength is now available for reception and broadcast.

It’s no wonder to me that the nomadic tribes and the gypsies are known for their mystical and psychic abilities. While some of that must be down to heritage and genes, I do feel and can see for myself that opening yourself up to the land in this way has an incredibly expansive effect on the body and soul. It goes beyond being open to the land too; when you travel and move around in this way you just can’t remain entrenched in old beliefs and habits. The continual change around you encourages you to be more open to change, to the new, to be ready to adapt to wherever you are. You become a natural and literal shapeshifter!

When I arrive at a new county or place, I always stop for a moment to sense into the energy and assess how different it is to where I’ve just come from: how does my body respond? In what direction do my thoughts and feelings naturally flow? Everything serves to make me more receptive and to say yes to experiencing something that may be unfamiliar and even challenging. In this shifting space, where there’s nothing definite to hold onto for any length of time, Spirit has freedom to move unhindered and therefore so do I. At the same time, I always feel I’m at home, for home is simply wherever I am on the planet.

Since I’ve been experiencing these physical energetic adjustments, I’ve found that closeness to the earth also fosters an innate understanding of what is happening in the heavens, among our fellow planets and stars. I haven’t studied astrology, just read enough for a basic understanding. While doing my sacred site work, I receive intuitions and messages about the current emphases and influences which later (when I check up with the expert astrologers who have studied their craft) prove to be completely in line with the placement of the heavenly bodies at the time. I can’t “know” this intellectually, but I “gnosis” it from deep within my body and heart.

So as I foster and ponder on this true belonging and physical attunement to the earth, I discover the wonderful and completely sensible fact that the Greek term “planetes” which gave us our word for planet also means…..”wanderer”.

“I dare you to walk where you have not yet walked and I dare you to notice.” – Charlotte Eriksson

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