The soul journey through the Thoth tarot cards: The Sun

Posted on Feb 24, 2014 in Tarot

Thoth Sun Tarot CardContinuing my journey through the spiritual development meaning of Tarot cards, specifically the major arcana of the Thoth deck, we reach number 19…..

The Sun Tarot card

After the dream-like and mysterious moonlight, the sun shines bright and clear. You have passed an important test and new-found courage brings with it the freedom to express joyfully every aspect of the soul without fear.

As a being of light you’re blazing strongly now in your own right from your inner source, not just as a reflector, and you’ll draw to you others of similar brightness who share the same conciousness and ideals. Consequently, it can seem as if the world is a far friendlier and happier place. Nothing can dim your joy or dent your optimism, and you trust Spirit to guide you implicitly through your own inner voice. You radiate divine wisdom and love into the world.

Your soul is aligned almost fully with your personality and your conscious with your unconscious mind, so there are no hidden agendas going on, no self-sabotage playing out in the background. All the energy that was tied up in fear and suppression is now released and at your disposal to create, and to create something wonderful in harmony with divine light and love.

If you’ve been at all shy and retiring before, now is your time to shine, and even if you don’t actively seek it you will probably find yourself being the centre of attention repeatedly. If there are spiritual goals you want to reach, like writing a book about your experiences, running workshops, or making a difference in society, this is the perfect time to do it. You’ll feel at home within yourself, at home within the world.

Many books and films end with a Sun moment, where the misfit, unsure hero or heroine has finally overcome their doubts and fears, recognised their unique abilities, and assumed a vital role in their environment. Enjoy all the attention you get, and share your success generously.

It’s powerful to work with the sun’s energies now, acknowledging and thanking that fiery planet for its life-giving warmth and light, and the great spiritual presence of the central Sun behind it as the Source of all. Take the time every day to acknowledge and feel that source of light deep within you, radiating out into your aura and beyond. Know that the sun is shining in and through you. To help you do this, you might like to use this meditation, visualising your inner light and the light of Spirit above you as the Sun:

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