Channelled Faerie Songs

Posted on Feb 6, 2014 in Spiritual living

Faerie queen or devaI’ve been singing channelled faerie songs for a few months now, so I thought it might be useful to give an introduction to this unusual aspect of my work. For the last couple of years I’ve been drawn to spend more and more time on the land. This has led to me offering sacred site transmissions as an offshoot of my current personal pilgrimage to sacred sites of the UK and Europe.

When I started to work intentionally at sacred sites, I found I could hear tunes playing in my mind as I walked on the land. At first I would hum them quietly or just let them repeat in my head. Then one day I was visiting Avebury with two very special and supportive friends and their partners, and we decided to perform a simple ritual within the stone circle. We agreed to each offer a prayer or some words as we felt moved, and as usual I’d had a melody running through my thoughts since I arrived. So, rather daringly, I simply stated that I had music in my head and so I would sing that.

When I opened my mouth to give voice to what I was hearing internally, a strange language just flowed out naturally with the notes. No one could have been more surprised than I was! My friends were so encouraging and complimentary about this first attempt that I felt sure this was to be an important aspect of my work.

My understanding is that as I walk the land and open up my consciousness, I connect to the ancient faeries of the place, the devas and faerie queens of the highest levels, who hold the energetic cosmic blueprint for each sacred natural site. When I sing, I resonate with the vibration of that blueprint and enable those listening to the song to do that too. Essentially, the song is the pure energy signature of the place and I’m giving it a voice. I believe this is of great benefit to me, and to those who listen, because through sound we can experience and integrate these pure vibrations more efficiently. But I also feel that it’s beneficial for the nature spirits of all levels in these areas to know that they are recognised and appreciated. I feel I am, in my own small way, helping to restore a healthy and vibrant connection and communication between humanity and Gaia.

There are two very important things to bear in mind with these songs. Firstly, I travel light when I’m working on the land and there’s no expensive recording equipment involved – just me and my mobile phone. So you’ll hear wind, water, trees rustling, and occasionally my dog Finn (a faerie hound and nature guardian in his own right) in the background. As far as I’m concerned, this is all an integral part of the soundtrack!

Secondly, when you listen to several of the songs, you’ll notice there are definitely certain words repeated which you could call a language. A few people have asked me to translate the songs and explain what they mean, but having given this some thought and meditation I don’t think that’s the point. In my experience, the elemental world doesn’t use words in the way we do. Rather they communicate through feeling and imagination (which is why children are so good at relating to them). So I recommend that you try not to get hung up on what the songs might mean in a logical sense, but rather focus on how the sound affects you. Open your heart and listen with your whole body and imagination; the true message is communicated through everything you sense and experience during and after the hearing.

You can listen to some of my channelled faerie songs on Soundcloud, and I’m also going to upload some to Youtube with accompanying photos of the sites at which they were recorded. I hope you enjoy hearing the ancient faerie voices.

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