Being the change – reading for 2014

Posted on Jan 3, 2014 in Spiritual living, Tarot

Thoth Emperor Tarot cardFor this year, one that already feels very special to me, the card that I drew to guide us is The Emperor. Ah, now I can see why because this is the card of Aries, my birth sign, so I’m very at home with its energy! It’s going to be an exciting year, a year of innovation and new ideas, a time of original creation and most of all getting things done.

The Emperor is a ruler, and on a world scale I believe this card indicates the tension that will be highlighted between the old and new paradigms; the old based on authoritarian, materialistic societies with a minority in power who are really just out for themselves, and the new which shifts us to a spiritual perspective where leaders serve not themselves but the good of the whole. Those in power who refuse to adapt to this new paradigm, clinging stubbornly to the status quo, will find that their days are numbered.

I also believe we’ll see some novel suggestions coming forward for sourcing solar power, creating viable, community-based cultures, and actively engaging with the planet. Particularly, I feel, there will be a rise in awareness of our attitude to animals, seeing them much more as equal partners in residence on this earth and not inferior in any way. Communication and deep relationship with the animal kingdom will become more valued, publicised, and readily learned.

For each of us personally, we have to be our own Sovereign and not let others make decisions for us any more. Taking our power back and responsibility for our lives, we must decide what needs to change, where new energy is needed, and then be disciplined in taking the necessary steps to make it happen (including throwing out some old ideas, things and relationships).

In 2014 we’re laying the foundations for the shape of the future, not just for ourselves but for generations to come. So we need to be very clear about how we want that to be, and then get our own house in order first! If you’re not sure what your vision is right now, then this is the year to go in search of it. Through self-discovery you can make the breakthroughs and gain the insights you need to find it.

This card is about leading by example and, as Gandhi would have said it, being the change we wish to see in the world.

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