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Posted on Nov 18, 2013 in Spiritual living

Community ConsciousnessIt’s almost two months now since we became motorhome nomads, and even I am surprised at how easily I’ve adjusted to this way of life. There isn’t one thing I’ve got fed up with (not even my partner George!) or one thing about house-based living I’ve pined for. I have really seen in very practical terms that it’s your attitude that determines how you experience life. Probably because I’m seeing each moment as an adventure, I’m enjoying absolutely everything, even the difficulties and challenges. And many of them (the universe has a purpose to everything) are forcing me to engage with people I don’t know much more than I would usually. Well we are in the process of moving from the individual to the community consciousness!

For example, last night our Sat Nav did its favourite trick – it directed us up an impossibly narrow road. This one was edged on both sides by tall stone walls and, as we have discovered the hard way, Shadowfax has wing mirrors which stick out at an extremely vulnerable angle from the cab. Having made it up this tortuous route, which was nothing short of a miracle of genius driving from my beloved, it was clear we couldn’t go any further ahead and we certainly couldn’t retrace our tracks. I don’t think my heart would have been able to stand it! Not knowing the area, we spotted the nearest house with a light on and knocked (pounded if the truth be known, while trying to look as harmless as possible) on the door. The inhabitants took a sensibly cautious while to answer, well we were fairly remote and they most probably don’t get many strangers venturing up there after dark! But when they satisfied themselves we weren’t potential axe-murderers and answered the door, they were incredibly helpful and directed us down a route that they reassured us had been successfully navigated by concrete lorries so we would definitely fit! Very good to know.

Safely down in the town, or so we thought, we got to a street with a van parked pretty far out into the road on one side, and scaffolding on the other which once again posed a danger to our wing mirrors. (Note to Hymer, I hope the design flaw of non-retractable mirrors has been rectified on newer models). Once more, I knocked on a nearby door and a lovely lady commiserated about the scaffolding which had been causing problems for her too, and then redirected us safely back to the main road.

This morning at the local leisure centre having my twice weekly shower (don’t worry, I do wash in between), I was sharing the changing room with the local ladies’ aqua aerobics class. Rather than spend a long time wandering around to find one myself, I asked them where the nearest laundrette was. One of them suggested the best place, which was certainly nowhere I would have found it or guessed it to be. As a result we went straight there, and parked outside to work with free wifi access while we waited for the washing to finish.

Anyone we meet in passing who hears what we’re up to is excited for us and supportive of our alternative lifestyle. In fact, they usually say they wish they could do it too. I’ve been overwhelmed by the friendliness and generosity I’ve encountered so far. As an Aries I have an independent streak that likes to fend for myself, to feel that I can manage on my own. The truth is that I can and I could have resolved all these issues eventually without any help. But what I’ve discovered is that it’s much easier, quicker, and far more enjoyable to share life’s challenges with others. People generally want to help, they like to help, and there is something amazingly bonding about laughing together in the face of a predicament.

I’m encouraged that if community consciousness is the key to humanity’s future, and I believe it is, then we have a vibrant and substantial foundation to build on.

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