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Posted on Oct 11, 2013 in Spiritual living

EponaYou would think that making the decision to move out of your familiar house and go travelling in a motor home would be the difficult bit. After all, you’re taking a great leap of faith and letting go of all your security blankets (well, mine anyway). But in my case that was the easy part. It was the actual getting away that would prove challenging.

Buying the motor home and renting out our house all went amazingly smoothly and swiftly, so much so that if there had been any doubts they would have been thoroughly soothed. What I wasn’t expecting was the catalogue of setbacks that happened when we came to actual move-out day. I promise in advance I’m not making any of this up.

We had finally finished the epic task of emptying and cleaning the house and were ready to fetch the motorhome to pack it with our remaining belongings. Imagine our horror then when with the turn of the key in the ignition there was not a spark of response from the engine – eek! A panic phone call to our engineer (who was also on holiday for a week – double eek) offered the possible answer. He’d noticed the engine cooling fan had been running on a bit and that could have drained the battery. Shadowfax (the motorhome) was booked in for a cam belt change the next day anyway, so we rustled up some help to jump start the engine and took him to the garage a day early. That meant we had to spend the night at George’s mum’s, instead of in our new wheeled home.

As the house renting had all gone through much sooner than expected, we had scheduled a gas/electrical safety check for a couple of days before the tenants were due to move in. Imagine our shock when the report came back that it had failed on both counts. The gas had to be shut off and a new boiler or considerable repairs carried out, and about £500 of updating work was required to the earthing and fuse board. By this time we had got Shadowfax back with rejuvenated battery and new cam belt and had been living in him for a day. Just as we were recovering sufficiently to organise boiler engineers and electricians for the house, we noticed black fumes coming from the gas vent on the motor home – this is never good news. We turned off the gas (so now had no fridge or cooking power) and had to wait for our engineer to return from holiday in a few days, and then wait another few days for the new part to arrive, before we could rectify the malfunction.

George’s mum now became the calling spot for food preparation and we were driving in and out of her small village every day to find inconspicuous places to sleep. While all this was going on, I had a Reiki 1 student to teach and so I now had to drive to and from Merthyr Tydfil three days in a row to honour my booking (about two and a half hours driving time). I was also steaming through one of the busiest reading/healing schedules I’d ever had. Are you still breathing?! I’m not sure I was…

It was nine days in total from officially moving out of the house until we could leave mid Wales with a fully operational Shadowfax (thankfully he just needed a new filter which wasn’t too expensive and only took an hour to fix), a house with repairs safely underway, and two relieved but exhausted motor homers in the cab.

Reflecting afterwards, and wondering how I’d managed to do everything (but hey, I’m an Aries) I wondered if it had been so challenging because it was quite a profound step we were taking. We were, in a sense, removing ourselves from the system, and clearly the system was fighting back to keep us right where we were. The system was, in fact, trying to cut the power altogether!

As we finally headed out to Malvern, where I was due to lead a workshop and give my first sacred site transmission, I can honestly say it was as though a weight had been lifted, a test had been passed, and we were free to go. If the going had been as smooth and pain-free as the planning, I’m not sure I would have appreciated the enormity of the transition half as much. And maybe I needed to say a prolonged goodbye to the beautiful part of Wales which had been my home for the last nine years. Nine days to say farewell to nine years…..somehow, despite all the stress, that felt right too.

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