The circle of life

Posted on Sep 9, 2013 in Spiritual living

Wolf with wings by Drachenseele

Wolf with wings by Drachenseele on DeviantArt

I know and always talk about the cyclical nature of life, illustrated so beautifully by my beloved moon, but I have never had it so practically presented as I did this weekend.

When I was planning to move from Manchester to Wales nine years ago, my meditations and dreams danced with images of wolves and Archangel Michael. Now you all know how I love the Internet for research purposes, so I simply typed into Google “wolves and Archangel Michael” and the first listing that appeared was for a village called Bleddfa. This tiny Radnorshire village is the “place of the wolf” because it was here that the last wolf in Wales met its end. It’s also very close to the Radnor forest, where a ring of churches were built and dedicated to Archangel Michael in order to contain a fiercesome dragon (a striking image of the Christian church suppressing the pagan beliefs they were busily replacing).

So Bleddfa and its unexpected but beautiful creative arts centre was the very first place I visited when I began my home-searching explorations of mid Wales. Skip forward nine years, to one of the last journeys I was making in my car prior to putting it up for sale and setting off on my motorhome adventure. The car had been serviced and MOTd only weeks before so all was well as far as I knew, but as we came up and round the rather sharp bend in the middle of Bleddfa there was a frightening loud crack, and then the car felt like the left side had dropped dramatically. Thankfully I’d been going slowly and uphill, so it was easy enough to maintain control and brake effectively.

Before we could even think about what might have happened, the curator at the Bleddfa Centre was already at the window asking if we were alright and if we needed to use the phone. Like many of the most gorgeous places in mid Wales, there is no mobile phone signal! Once we were out of the car, we quickly ascertained that something serious had happened as the car was leaning drunkenly to the left and the front wheel was sticking out at a very strange angle.

We had only recently joined the ADAC as we’d heard they were excellent for European travel, so the universe was giving us the opportunity to try out our new membership. At least we now know how the system works and can rest assured that we’ll receive outstanding assistance should we ever run into difficulties in the motorhome! I had an hour to sit and absorb the beautiful abstract art exhibition while we waited for the tow truck to arrive (and brave George became temporary traffic control to prevent further accidents on the dangerous bend).

It wasn’t until I got home that I realised the significance of what had just happened. As always when you make a change, there are some doubts about whether you’re doing the right thing – it’s your heart that leads you on despite the fear becauset it feels so right and there is some sadness at leaving certain things behind. What were the chances of my car breaking down EXACTLY opposite the arts centre in the very village where I’d begun my Welsh adventure 9 years before? It was almost as if I was being given a very literal message to say, “Your journey here is over for the moment. You’ve completed this particular cycle, and you’ve arrived back where you started with new knowledge and wisdom. Take time to recognise it, celebrate it, and take that knowledge and wisdom with you into your future.”

As TS Eliot puts it so eloquently in his poem Little Gidding,

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

The Bleddfa Centre is well worth a visit. You can find out about exhibitions, events and workshops on their website.

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