The soul journey through the Thoth tarot cards: The Hanged Man

Posted on Jul 19, 2013 in Tarot

Thoth Hanged Man Tarot CardContinuing my journey through the spiritual development meaning of Tarot cards, specifically the major arcana of the Thoth deck, we reach number 12…..

The Hanged Man Tarot card

Giving yourself fully to life and each moment with the Lust card must also be balanced by knowing when to stop, to pause for a while as you give yourself up to Divine will for the next phase of your journey.

You can tell when The Hanged Man is calling because you’ll feel stuck and unable to move further forward in your development. You’re aware that there’s more, that you haven’t reached your full potential, but whichever way you turn and whatever study you undertake there seems to be a block to your progress.

This is when you must surrender to the Divine, instead of trying to force a certain outcome or movement in a specific direction. Usually this card indicates that you need to see things in a completely new way, to let go of attachment to the beliefs and behaviour patterns that have carried you successfully this far, because now they are limiting and restricting the extent of your growth.

By having the courage and humility to recognise this reality, accept it and then let it go, you release the vital energy that is needed to fuel the necessary transformation. But this process can take time, and this is where sacrifice is necessary because in our consumer world we want everything instantly. So the Hanged Man demands the sacrifice of time to meditate, focus on spiritual truths, and connect with your higher self. Only within this still space can you find the inspiration and the wisdom to make the right choices for your future development. The caterpillar instinctively knows that the cocoon’s suspension is an essential phase if it’s to dissolve and reform as the beautiful butterfly.

The Hanged Man can often be the scariest challenge, because in terms of spiritual development it demands a willingness to turn your back on everything and everyone that defines your identity. You must be ready to drop the hard-won knowledge and wisdom which may well have also brought you reputation and respect, and all that makes you who you think you are. This is nothing less than the death of the ego. In my experience it’s commonly accompanied by a dark night of the soul where you may feel for a short while that you have lost your connection to Spirit, that you’re no longer supported, that you have been abandoned and are less than nothing.

If you allow yourself to plunge deeply into this experience, align yourself constantly to the Divine and trust in that greater wisdom even if you’re struggling to sense it – “not my will but yours” – then I can promise that events will begin to unfold naturally and perfectly. A renewal and rebirth will follow that is far greater than anything you can imagine, and any sacrifice will seem insignificant and forgettable in the clear and blazing light of who you have become.

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