The soul journey through the Thoth tarot cards: Lust

Posted on Jun 11, 2013 in Tarot

Thoth Lust Tarot CardContinuing my journey through the spiritual development meaning of Tarot cards, specifically the major arcana of the Thoth deck, we reach number 11…..

Lust Tarot card

In the previous card, Fortune, you learned about being able to accept every external influence whether it’s joyful or difficult. Now, that sense of acceptance extends to every aspect of yourself internally.

As we move through life we can accumulate beliefs and habits from our families, our society, and our religion which condition our behaviour. Sometimes this is helpful, but often it is not. If you’re not careful and discerning, you end up repressing your passion and your heart’s desires, trying to force your square-shaped soul into the round hole created by these expectations. You can reject certain aspects of yourself, believing them to be wrong, shameful or downright wicked because of what you have been told or taught.

When this happens, your soul slowly but surely stagnates and dies. Think Kate Winslett as Rose before she  meets Jack in the film Titanic! When you’re not in touch with your passion and your freedom of choice, then you lack the motivation, power and strength to do, change or create anything. You may sneak little tastes of this passion in clandestine, unhealthy ways, knowing instinctively that you need it to remain alive but looking for it in all the wrong places. You imagine that if you were to express your primal passions then you would destroy yourself, and possibly others, in an out of control rampage. So how can you reconcile these two seemingly opposite necessities?

The answer is not to ignore, repress or fight against what may have been labelled by others (or feared by yourself) as basic, animalistic drives. Instead, you can embrace them and accept them, opening and surrendering to them gently with love for they are a totally natural part of who you are. Miraculously, when this happens and you embrace all that you are, that wild creative energy becomes available to your divine soul purpose (your holy desire I like to call it) and you are empowered beyond belief to break through everything that prevents your soul’s sovereign expression.

Suddenly you are free to choose how you want to respond in every moment, to be who you are without restriction, free from the identity you have been handed by family, society, or religion, free to create what your heart desires, to live in joy and continually rebirth yourself. You become a strong, empowered and conscious co-creator, ever-changing and evolving.

This free flow of sublimely joyful energy through you is the dark feminine river from which all things manifest. In the body it is centred in your womb/hara area, and whether you are male or female it is extremely beneficial to reconnect and work with this power centre now. Through your own womb/hara you connect to the womb of the world and beyond that to the galactic womb. It is from these dark centres of potential (there is no evil in this darkness to be feared) that all light and love is born.

You may find Tantra useful, including sacred sexual practices, and certainly working to fully embody, accept and rejoice in your sexuality is an integral aspect of this powerful card.

I leave the last word to a beautiful lyric by one of my favourite bands Crowded House. “All I ask is to live each moment free from the last.” That is the dynamic essence of the Lust card.

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