The soul journey through the Thoth tarot cards: Fortune

Posted on Apr 23, 2013 in Tarot

Fortune Thoth Tarot CardContinuing my journey through the spiritual development meaning of Tarot cards, specifically the major arcana of the Thoth deck, we reach number 10…..

Fortune Tarot card

I find it interesting that this card follows on from The Hermit, because it’s all about change and the ever-turning wheel of the starry heavens which inevitably has its reflection in the turn of events here below on earth.

So often following a quiet time of contemplation and learning brought to you by the Hermit, you then have to throw yourself back into the whirl of the world with all its unpredictability as shown on the Fortune card.

Now the lesson is to maintain that still, sure centre while all about you is changing and spinning. You can then grasp the opportunities and chances hurtling your way with discernment, rather than getting bewildered and disoriented by the options. Happiness or sadness, success or failure, hope or disappointment, you can accept and adapt to both sides of life with equilibrium because you know that one or other never lasts forever, everything has its place in your growth and experience, and that in the ending of one state lies the beginnings of its opposite.

As we have moved away from our close connection to the natural world, we are not so in touch with the rhythms and cycles of the seasons – planting, blossoming, dying back only to renew again in time – which reassured our ancestors. This means the modern mind can think that a run of “bad luck” will never end, or that you should be madly in love with your partner all the time and panic when you’re not, because you are not so in touch with this natural law of ebb and flow, expansion and retraction. Fortune teaches you to trust the flow, know that all is well and that things will come back around.

It can help to acknowledge the turning of the year with some sort of ritual; it doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply being aware of the phases of the moon, noticing how they affect you personally, and planning your activities around them is powerful. (There’s a basic outline for this on my Current Moon Phase page).

At this point you also understand that although at times the universe definitely seems to be more on your side, you create your own good luck or fortune, by focusing on and attracting to you the possibilities you need to expand your consciousness and the horizons of your life. Your fate and destiny is in your own hands!

Whenever I see this card, I’m also reminded of the wheel of life, death and rebirth on which we all rotate, and so Fortune signals a chance to recognise and end a particular cycle of karma or repetitive behaviour that you have been stuck in. You can, if you are ready and willing, suddenly and clearly see the patterns in your life, from a continual problematic choice of partner, to why you always end up in confrontational situations. From this place of calm and expanded vision, you are given the opportunity to step off a particular wheel for good.

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