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Jester in his prime

My beloved dog Jester suffered an unusual and never quite diagnosed illness at eighteen months old from which he never fully recovered. Incredibly sensitive, we battled with his stomach’s inability to accept and absorb food and made regular returns to the vet to monitor his diet, weight and protein levels. He was loved by all my clients and instinctively gave love and healing to those he felt were most in need.

At Halloween, he suffered a particularly bad bout of vomiting and a friend (thank you Judith!) recommended I speak to Meg Adamson-Gour who works with animals in a miraculous partnership with her own dog Griffen. Meg and Griff instantly bonded with Jester and really helped to settle and balance his energy, at the same time informing me what a special soul I had with me, a master healer no less!

However, just before the 2012 winter solstice on 18th December we rushed Jester to the vet after he became extremely lethargic and unable to move. He was kept in overnight, although the vet told us to expect the worst as she couldn’t even get to a vein to administer fluids to him overnight. That night, I knew it was time to let him go. Jester was just five, but his ill times were now more frequent and violent and I felt his body had taken all the battering it could handle. As I was meditating, Jester came to me in spirit, bouncing and in full health, already free of his limited body which he said was worn out but that all would be ok.

On the way to the vet the next day, 19th December, my partner George was saying that perhaps there was still a chance, maybe Jester would have rallied and he could recover. I tried to prepare him for the worst. I always imagined it would be the most difficult decision in the world to put your pet to sleep, but this was easy. One look at that emaciated, exhausted, desperately unhappy face and I knew. We stayed with him, stroking and reassuring and he was gone even before the injection was fully administered, the light very gently leaving his soulful eyes. He didn’t move or sigh, he just gracefully moved on. We were heartbroken and devastated.

Later that afternoon I visited a dear friend, who also happens to be a gifted channel for Spirit. We had arranged this Christmas present swapping meeting a week or so earlier and I felt it would be helpful for me to go despite my sadness. My friend said she had a message for me and she understood that it would probably not be what I wanted to hear; she said I was to get another dog as soon as possible. My heart was bruised and aching and I said that at that moment I didn’t want to replace Jester ever but that I would keep that in mind. On returning home, I also emailed Meg to tell her of Jester’s transition because of her and Griff’s deep affection for him.

Meg had replied to my email by the next day, saying that Jester was fine and not at all tired now that he had dropped his body, and that he was wanting to come back to us immediately if we were willing to work with him again. She understood my current grief but that the message was clear and please would I just hold it in consideration.

Jester works fast! The next morning I woke up with a strong sense of Jester’s presence and the name Glorfindel in my head. I’m a massive Lord of the Rings fan so I recognised the name as Tolkien’s, but I had no idea who or what it was. As soon as I could I Googled the name – Glorfindel was a powerful warrior/healer Elf who appears in the Silmarillion when he kills a Balrog and dies in the process. In The Fellowship of the Ring, Glorfindel is mentioned again as the Elf who rescues and heals Frodo when he is stabbed by a Ringwraith on Weathertop and then takes him to the safety of Rivendell. According to Tolkien’s notes, although never made plain in the books, they are the same character. Like Gandalf, Glorfindel returns to Middle Earth a second time to assist the hobbits’ vital journey. The name itself actually means Golden-haired in Elvish. You might wonder where I’m going with all this but I just knew that this was the new name Jester had chosen for his second incarnation and that he was also giving a hint as to what he would look like – he would have some golden hair.

Almost instantly I had gone from never wanting another dog to being certain and excited that we would have Jester back with us very soon. I emailed Meg immediately and received an almost instant reply expressing her delight in my decision because Jester had been nagging her constantly asking if she could communicate with me again about his coming back! And so the process started (this is a very special service that Meg offers and I give details of her website at the end of this article). I had obviously already had intuitions and Jester was very much in my field of energy, and Meg also had insights about the appearance of the new puppy. Apparently, we would find the puppy (he was to be male again) who would have had all the necessary soul experience he needed, and then Jester would negotiate his exit with him so that Jester could step in and take over.

The search was on. In another wonderful synchronicity, my youngest son who had come with me to choose Jester had also returned home for a visit the day before and so he was accompanying us on this journey – that felt right.We are in a rural area where Welsh collies are bred copiously so there were always litters being born. I began to search online and send Meg photos and information to see where we were be both being drawn. The information we had was: small puppy, at least partially light brown/golden haired, white muzzle, at least one maybe two white front paws. On Saturday 22nd December we visited one male puppy who we felt was a potential but Meg said that she felt there was a major obstacle. He was cute but he had no golden hair and he was one of only a pair who had been born to a poorly mum. I felt instinctively that it would be wrong to separate these two siblings, and that if we took the male we would have to take the female too. We just weren’t in a position to take on two dogs so sadly, as Meg had felt, he was ruled out.

Slightly disappointed after that visit, I began searching again and found a new advert only just posted with a litter of mixed-coloured collies. I sent it to Meg with a really hopeful feeling and she agreed that they lit up for her. She told me to look out for golden hair around the face particularly. So, we rang immediately and set off only half an hour later to look at this litter of eight. We were the first people to view these adorable puppies and we all fell in love with the same one. A blue merle with white muzzle and front paws, and golden streaks around his face and on his legs. Jester was definitely shadowing him, and the confirmation came for me when we got up to leave. This little chap pushed his way to the front of the full basket and stared directly at me for what seemed like ages, then relaxed back as if an agreement had been made and understood between us.

(Little did I know just how significant that moment had been because when I got  home I found an email from Meg that had arrived just as I was leaving so had gone unread until then in which she said “”this time he will make deep eye contact with you, watch for it.”  So even though I had not been consciously looking for this confirmation, spirit ensured I got it all the same!)

So this was our puppy! Excited, we reserved him with the owner but also said that we needed to run our choice past someone else important (Meg!) and so we took photos which we uploaded and sent straight away. Her quick reply made me laugh….”Get him, get him, get him!” I rang the breeder and arranged to pick our little fellow up the next evening.

Finn at nine weeks

Finn at nine weeks

Phew! This had been a whirlwind and an incredible journey of intuition, spirit communication, and an overriding sense of urgency to facilitate what felt like an important transition. On Sunday 23rd we brought home Glorfindel (we call him Finn for short), and only an hour or so into his arrival a bout of hiccups and a mad moment of play marked the return of Jester’s soul into this new body. Our beloved companion was home again.

We’ve now had Finn for three weeks and I can’t imagine life without him. What had been a brief day of grief and loss is now joy and fullness, and I’m so glad that I opened my vulnerable, hurting heart to the reality of love that is and can be always with us. There have been two other incidents worth mentioning in this story. As we are calling him “Finn” on an everyday basis I looked up what that meant. It means “fair head” in Gaelic, the same thing as Glorfindel! My friend and channel also gave me a reading in which she said that this soul, Jester/Finn, is my power animal and it is highly unusual for power animals to incarnate physically as they usually choose to work on the energetic planes. This makes complete sense at this powerful time, and I am deeply grateful.

This whole adventure was made more magical by happening around the momentous 2012 winter solstice, and for me I feel I was being shown in real terms the new reality; that there is no death or separation from Spirit, anything is possible if you believe it to be so, and love really does conquer all. I know that Finn has much to teach me as we now grow together and I look forward to sharing more about the work that evolves between us.

I must end by thanking, from the deepest reaches of my soul, Meg Adamson-Gour and Griff for helping to reunite me with my furry soul brother. Eventually this led to me training as an animal communicator myself, and I now offer healing to others who are facing some sort of issue or trauma with their animal companions. You can find out more about my service here:

Animal communication/healing with Semele Xerri

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