A new golden age – reading for 2013

Posted on Jan 7, 2013 in Spiritual living, Tarot

9 of Cups in the Thoth Tarot deckWith all the hype surrounding the end of 2012, and with some believing that none of us would even be here to see 2013, I was really interested to see what advice the Tarot would offer us for this new year.

The card I drew is the Nine of Cups, a card of happiness and celebration. I’ve always known Spirit has an excellent sense of humour and I think there’s certainly an element here of the universe saying “yes, be thankful and celebrate the fact that the planet and the people on it are still here!” Joking aside, I do think this is very important. I believe the future of the human race on our planet hung in the balance for a while with our future undecided, and in the last few years it has really been up to us, our thoughts and our actions as to just how events would unfold (take a look at my previous yearly readings). This card tells us that we made it, that all the optimistic light beings who believed and trusted there was another way have managed to raise the vibration and consciousness enough to ensure a happy…not ending, but new beginning.

The Mayan and other ancient cultural prophecies for December 2012 talked of the dawn of a new golden age, when mankind could live once again in peace, harmony and co-creation with the planet and with Spirit, a return to paradise and unity after such a long period of separation and duality. The nine of cups represents this joyful and perfect state of being wonderfully and assures us that it’s all possible in 2013 if we want it and feel it to be so. This is a minor arcana card, so it places the year very firmly in our hands – it is our approach to love and happiness that counts over the next twelve months. It also confirms my sense that the December 2012 solstice saw an unprecedented influx of love, light and healing onto the planet, the effects of which we’ll be seeing as the year goes on.

An important message is that each individual is a vital element in the greater picture, and we all have a responsibility to nurture our own happiness, which overflows irresistibly to touch those around us who are then encouraged to follow their own bliss and be joyful themselves (it’s the champagne pyramid effect illustrated on the card). So 2013 is a year when sharing our joy, gifts and love with others in a spirit of co-operation and compassion (not through neediness or because of what you think you can get), will ensure that we generate an unstoppable and ever-increasing flow of more of that beauty in the world.

How do we attend to our own happiness? There is only one way and that is through the inner fulfilment we gain from having a  sense of one-ness with the universe and a connection to the inexhaustible Source of love that flows continuously through and around us, and from which we can never be separated. This is unity consciousness, knowing and understanding that we are never alone or separate but part of a marvellous, pulsing, vibrant web of life. Knowing that we can trust God’s plan, always believing in the benevolence of the universe no matter what challenges we may face during this year, is central to our experience of 2013.

Traditionally, the nine of cups is known as the wish card and it tells us that we can manifest nothing less than our heart’s desires. As prophesied, 2013 is offering us the chance to create a new and better way of living and being based on love, and while I know it’s going to take longer than just one year to see this come to fruition fully, we can take the first step of visioning the dream together and lavishing that dream with all our passion, trust and hope.

So how would you like things to be from this day forward? For yourself, for others, for future generations, for the planet? Wish your best wish, come together with others who share that same wish for you are not isolated but part of all that is, and let’s all celebrate the dawn of a marvellous new world.

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