The Apple and the Thorn

Posted on Oct 24, 2012 in Book reviews

The Apple and the Thorn by Emma Restall Orr and Walter William MelnykRecently I posted the following entry on Facebook:

“Men and women – different yet equal. Let’s celebrate and enjoy the differences instead of averting and fearing them.”

Almost immediately afterwards synchronicity steered me to stumble across the book The Apple and the Thorn by Emma Restall Orr and Walter William Melnyk, and to my amazement I found myself reading a beautiful and haunting story that perfectly illustrates that statement.

The Apple and the Thorn recounts the arrival of Joseph of Arimathea in Avalon some years after the death of Jesus, fleeing from Vespasian’s legions just as they are absorbing the isles of Britain into the great sponge of the Roman empire. Using the present tense, which gives a sense of timelessness and immediacy, Vivian Lady of Avalon and Joseph take it in turns to speak of their experience and their relationship during this turning point in history.

Overlapping and interweaving in a seamless way, the voices are yet very different and illustrate perfectly what happens when two different cultures, belief systems, life experiences and sexes are thrown together. At the centre of the story is the holy grail, the cup from which Jesus drank at the last supper and which caught his blood at his violent death shortly afterwards.

I don’t want to say much more about the actual contents as I would spoil your own experience of it, but I would encourage you to dive into and savour the lush, sensual descriptions of just about everything. Then you will feel as if you’re right there with the characters, being offered the gift of walking a few miles in two sets of diverse shoes with no judgment or bias. This is the key to acceptance and compassion.

What shines bright from these pages and remains with you long after you’ve read the last (but by no means final) words is the power of love and the hope of understanding that can help us to thrive as we face the inevitability of not always welcome change. I could be talking about the current times, so resonant is this poetical book’s theme for today. Highly recommended, so just click the picture of the book to go through to Amazon and buy.

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