A General Tarot Spread for Psychic Readings

Posted on Sep 20, 2012 in Tarot

Here is the general Tarot spread that I use to open readings with my clients. Although I respect the traditional Celtic Cross spread and know many people use it with great success, I never really felt comfortable working with it so I designed this one.

I find it gives me a good overall impression of what’s going with the client and where they are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It shows me the potential for the next twelve months and highlights any problem areas that may need addressing. From here, I usually go on to look at specific areas in more detail with other spreads – I’m a “lots of cards” girl!

General Tarot spread used by Semele Xerri of Triple Moon

Cards 1 & 2: The past (which has impacted on the present)

Cards 3 & 4: The present

Cards 5 & 6: What the client wants

Card 7: What the client needs to do/focus on

Card 8: What the client needs to avoid

Cards 9 & 10: What’s coming up in the next 3 months

Cards 11 & 12: What’s coming up in the next 3 – 6 months

Cards 13 & 14: What’s coming up in the next 6 – 9 months

Cards 15 & 16: What’s coming up in the next 9 – 12 months

If I want to to clarify anything I just pull extra cards to the side. You can see me talking through this spread on Youtube here: General Tarot Spread Video.

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