Debt or legacy? What will we leave our children

Posted on Aug 29, 2012 in Spiritual living

empty piggy bankI watched a horrifyingly stark documentary on Sky News recently called “Born Bankrupt”. This half hour programme investigated the level of the nation’s debt and its burden on future generations. The presenter, Jeff Randall, pulled no punches as he explained how children born today will have to shoulder the burden of re-paying the nation’s debt, while their parents and grandparents (of which I am one) enjoy the benefits.

It left me reeling and shocked. Basically, we’ve all been spending like mad because we know that someone else will foot the bill. The effective simile used was to imagine that someone had taken out a credit card in your child’s name and was racking up massive spending on it with no way of paying it back. I know you wouldn’t stand for that, so why are we standing for what amounts to the same thing? What happens when this debt is called in?

I have always been a naturally cautious spender which was emphasised, I think, by my years as a single mum of two sons. Even now the only debt I will have is a mortgage and I’m not really happy about having that. I use a credit card but I always pay the bill in full at the end of the month. I won’t use finance agreements, as I’ve always lived by the principle that if you don’t have the money you can’t buy it – it’s as simple as that. I understand that my attitude is not the average one in the modern society.

In my younger years, I admit to having the dream about the nice big house, the new cars, the holidays (I was an eighties teenager!), but that was more because it was what society expected me to want. I don’t really think I gave much thought to whether I really wanted that, it was right to want that, or if that’s how I defined happiness and success for myself. How many others have never questioned the way things are?

As I’ve matured in age and spiritual awareness my idea of what abundance means has changed. I remember quite clearly coming to the conclusion that for me, abundance is needing less rather than having more. Since my sons have both left home I realise that my partner and I only need a small house; as we both work from home then an office and extra studio space ould be great. As I’d like to be as self-sufficient as possible with food and energy, then half an acre of land would also be desirable. I don’t need a mansion and I don’t need a park for a garden.

Even more recently, I’m coming round to the idea that this house might have to be within a community too. I’m someone who needs my space and privacy, especially because of the nature of the work I do, so a separate residence is essential for me. But I can see that my now much more reasonable dream would be much more achievable with the help of others to make it happen. Some may have more finances available while others have valuable skills to bring to the table that we don’t have.

And this is where I think the answer to this whole financial mess lies – fostering a sense of the greater good of the whole rather than the desires of the individual. If we had not behaved selfishly in the first place, setting things up for our instant gratification with no thought of the generations to come and how it might impact their quality of life, then things would not be the way they are. We would have collaborated to operate, personally and nationally, within the limitations of the available resources, seen the bigger picture, planned carefully for the well-being of our descendants.

Mother Earth is also paying the price of our selfishness, and She is crying out for the same care and respect that our children and grandchildren deserve. I don’t think it’s too late; I think it’s one of the fantastic opportunities for change that 2012 has brought us. Let’s not waste any more anything. Let’s wake up, accept personal responsibility, and share what we have, in reality, in the way that is best for all. It is enough, and it is enough.

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