Connecting to the higher self – reading for 2012

Posted on Jan 2, 2012 in Spiritual living, Tarot

I can’t believe we have finally reached the long-awaited 2012, and I look forward to the new order and hope that this year promises, where the spiritual values of love, compassion and unity are at the heart of all life on this planet.

The card drawn from my Thoth deck to guide us in 2012 is The Hanged Man. Suitably we have a major arcana card for this great year, which means that there are important spiritual lessons to be learned and applied by all of us – this will be a year of spiritual evolution. It also means that there are strong spiritual energies at work in all our lives and so at times it may feel as if things are out of our control.

In my Thoth deck, the card shows a man hanging upside down from an ankh, with nails in his hands and feet reminiscent of the Christ. He appears to be underwater and just beneath his head lies a coiled snake in a dark pit. At first sight the image can appear frightening, but the man appears to be relaxed, his expression peaceful, and his figure exudes a strength which belies his seemingly vulnerable position.

This surface duality sums up the inner power of this card. It tells us that when we surrender to the Divine, instead of trying to control things ourselves, we find peace. It tells us that when we let go of wanting things to be a certain way, miracles happen and we are stronger than before. The Hanged Man promises that we can see things from a totally new perspective – that our view of ourselves, life and the world can literally be turned on its head, and that this releases us to move forward in new and empowering ways.

In an everyday reading, The Hanged Man can point out that someone is stuck and has reached a stalemate with no possible escape. Usually, this is because they are hanging onto old and outdated beliefs or behaviour patterns that do not allow them to grow and develop. Or they are so set on wanting and achieving a certain outcome that they are trying to force their will on a situation against the natural flow and causing the blockage themselves. Once they face up to the reality of where they are, accept it and then let it go, they can see with new eyes and their situation is infused with the vital energy that has been released. This is what the world needs now; to see where it has become stuck and immobilised in old and unhealthy patterns of being and behaving, and to have the courage and the wisdom to let go of them.

However, as the crucifixion pose of the Hanged Man suggests, this change also involves some sacrifice. There will be some things, attitudes, and structures that we will all have to be prepared to lose to enable the new to emerge. As Jesus said, you cannot pour new wine into old wineskins, as we are finding currently as we try to patch up a failing and flawed financial system! So, we should all individually look at what we need to let go of that may be holding us back, where we have become rigid in our beliefs or expectations, closed off to new ideas and concepts.

We also need to accept that as human beings we don’t have all the answers, and this will be difficult for our political system is largely built around the personal power of certain individuals. This year calls for all of us to give the sacrifice of time – time to connect with our higher selves, for it is only there that we will find the inspiration and the wisdom to make the right choices for the future.

The Hanged Man says that things won’t happen overnight and we shouldn’t be impatient or force change this year. In a sense, we are in the important cocoon stage which allows the caterpillar to dissolve and be reformed as the beautiful butterfly. But if we align ourselves to the Divine and trust in that greater wisdom, then events will begin to unfold naturally and perfectly and effect a transformation that we can only yet dream of.

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