The universal pulse

Posted on Aug 5, 2010 in Spiritual living

Many years ago as a small child, I would lie awake at night with the covers pulled tight over my head. Behind my eyes brightly coloured geometric shapes twisted and danced, morphing into one another, while in my ears beat a steady rhythmic pulse which was so strong it seemed to vibrate my whole body. It felt like my own heartbeat and at the same time not.   I imagined some giant presence stomping towards me through the dark in time to the rhythm and it terrified me. Inevitably I would slip out of bed and make the quick hop across the landing to the safety of my grandmother’s bed, where the comfort of her arm around me would eventually allow me to drift off to sleep again.

35 years or so later, give or take a few, I have been reminded of this recurring episode in my childhood. On a spiritual level I am now aware of the intrinsic importance of sacred geometry as the building blocks of the universe, and the emergence of brighter, almost fluorescent colours in my meditation and relaxed moments, not unlike those in my remembered “nightmares”, hint at other dimensions and realities which I know to exist.

No one is quite sure what these shapes and colours mean yet but I’m sure we will before too long. Perhaps the shapes are portals into other realities or codes that can unlock hidden wisdom and knowledge within us, but certainly they remind us of our connection with all living things that share the same underlying structural patterns. While doing a bit of research for this article I read a theory, based on Carl Jung’s book Memories, Dreams, Reflections, that fluorescent colours please the human psyche by transfering light to and from the body, and therefore to and from the spirit. It makes total sense that they would be presenting themselves to me in this time of new consciousness and light-workers uniting to raise the vibration on our planet.

The most encouraging thing for me is that we are now so much more aware and open to ancient wisdom than we were. If I were that small child now there would be no need for me to be afraid and confused for long. Either someone would know or a book or website would tell me that I was simply very open to sensing the energy, light and life that hummed and vibrated in the dark and connected all things. It was my heartbeat I was hearing, but it was also the heartbeat of the planet and the very universe telling me that I do not exist in isolation and I am never alone.

If we can all be aware of this truth in our waking moments, what a different reality we can create!

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