“The Architecture of All Abundance”

Posted on Jul 13, 2010 in Book reviews

I love second hand book shops, well I just love books but I’m also lucky enough to live a short drive from Hay-on-Wye – the book capital of the world. Every other shop is a book shop, most of them selling second-hand copies at bargain prices.

There is a certain magic in going into one of these places, asking the universe to take you to something you need to read and then enjoying the delicious adventure of anticipation as you browse the often haphazard shelves, waiting for something to leap out at you. Please excuse this rather long introduction but I’m getting to the point, which is that this is exactly what happened to me with this book. It also gave me the idea for this new category in my blog – reviews of spiritual books that may not be so well-known or mainstream but which have something valuable to say.

I actually saw this particular book in one shop, was attracted to the pink cover but ignored it, only to have it jump in my face at the next establishment, this time screaming “only £1” at me. We all know I just had to buy it, and I’m very glad I did.

I had never heard of Lenedra J Carroll until now (I hope she will forgive me), but she is a successful business-woman, most well known for managing her daughter Jewel’s music and performance career. She is also an incredibly wise, inspiring soul and a beautiful writer. The book is divided into seven sections which she calls “the architectural foundations to prosperity”:

Life: Finding out who you are
Stillness: The importance of quiet time out and meditation
Prosperity: Attitudes to money, connecting to your dream
The workplace: Transforming business, right timing
Health: Self-discipline and self-nurture
Love: Esteeming self and embracing change
Soul: Expressing the divine

Throughout these sections she explains the understandings, principles and values that have enabled her, despite humble beginnings and many hard lessons, to live in passion-filled prosperity. There is nothing particularly new or revolutionary about what she says, it’s the way she says it that makes this book special. Using incidents and experiences from her life at all ages, she illustrates profound spiritual truths in a down-to-earth and practical way, interspersing the lessons with her own poetry. I can see that some people might hate this “mixed bag” approach but as a creative type myself, I loved it.

She poses some interesting and useful questions along the way (and our current culture, tellingly. doesn’t really encourage us to ask questions much), my favourite being the “12 What Else?” game which I’m already using and which I’m not going to describe here or you might not feel you need to get the book……..

Sometimes you can read a spiritual book feeling that the author is on some other plane that you can only hope to attain sometime in the distant future. Lenedra makes you feel like you’re in good company, talking with someone from the human family who has found a way to live the soul and is encouraging you to do the same. As she says, “we are the architects of change.”

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