“Light Behind the Angels”

Posted on Jul 30, 2010 in Book reviews

Up front I admit to a biased view and a spot of nepotism here, as this book is written by my good friend Lauren D’Silva. What’s more I actually appear in it as myself! But I wouldn’t be a friend if I didn’t celebrate and promote this important achievement for her so here we go.

Lauren is an established and experienced crystal healer and teacher but this book focuses on the fascinating exploration of her own past lives and their impact on her current life.  When she meets a new boyfriend Steve, an ancient curse is triggered and Lauren has to make a choice – try to unravel the tangled threads and find forgiveness or remain bound by long-past mistakes.

This is a fascinating read just for the story alone, and women everywhere will be able to relate to Lauren’s desire to find love and fulfillment with an equal partner. She is also wonderfully down to earth, with a healthy scepticism running alongside her open-ness to spirit and the multi-dimensional universe. If you ever wondered whether there was more to life than meets the eye and felt there must be something else “out there”, this book should go a long way to convincing you!

What is important is that through sharing her story Lauren shows us very clearly the immortality of the soul, how painful experiences can affect that soul if they remain in the unconscious, and how transformative it is to shine the light of consciousness into those dark areas.  It takes courage to recognise and accept that you have done and said things you are ashamed of or had them done to you, but in doing so you validate your soul lessons and journey and take your power back.

That is exactly what Lauren does and what she encourages us all to do in her book. We have all suffered and caused suffering, been unhappy and created unhappiness for others but in every moment we have the choice to be who we truly are and not get fooled into thinking we are merely the sum of our experience. This book will open your eyes to the eternal nature of your soul, alert you to the possibilities for healing and most of all remind you that throughout every lifetime and in between you are greater and more powerful than you know.

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