The aura (human energy field)

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As quantum physicists will tell you, all space, living and non-living objects (including us!) are made up of an energy field which saturates, connects and continuously flows between all things. Before anything happens in the physical world, a change takes place first in this energy field.

Your aura is the energy that surrounds and flows through your physical body and it can extend as much as several feet from your actual body. As your aura is constantly coming into contact and exchanging energy with other people’s, you can understand why you sometimes feel protective of your personal space! Clairvoyants can often see colours in your aura, and you can even have your aura photographed – for more information see the article on aura colours. The halo that is often painted around an angel or holy person’s head is probably a representation of the aura.

Sensing the aura

Here’s an exercise to sense the energy in your aura. First, give your hands a good shake. Now hold your hands about shoulder width apart with the palms facing each other. Very slowly, bring your hands together until they’re a few inches apart. The closer your hands get, the more you should feel a sort of ball of energy building between your palms that actually creates some resistance. That’s your energy field or aura!

The structure of the aura

The aura itself has seven layers, called subtle bodies, each of which has a different function. The first three layers are related to the physical world, and the outer three layers with the spiritual world. In the middle, the astral layer is the bridge between the different types of energy associated with these two worlds.

The first layer is the etheric body. This contains an energy grid structure of blue-grey lines, on which your actual physical tissue is built. Any illness shows up here first, and a perceptive energy healer can prevent it from physically happening if it’s spotted and treated here in time. It’s quite easy to see the etheric body. Try spreading out your fingers and soft gazing at them for a while – you should notice a blue-grey outline around your fingers. Once you’ve got that, touch your fingertips together and pull them apart and see if you can see the energy threads that are produced.

The second layer is the emotional body, associated with your feelings. The emotional body contains a rainbow of colours to reflect your feelings – it’s probably these colours that are being picked up by clairvoyants and aura cameras. Our everyday vocabulary supports this theory, when we talk about someone “seeing red” or “feeling blue”.

The third layer is the mental body, associated with your thoughts and mental processes, and is usually seen as a bright yellow light surrounding the body.

The fourth layer is the astral body which is associated with the heart chakra. A lot of non-verbal communication takes place between people at this level. You know that acute awareness and pull you feel when you’re standing across the room from that person you really fancy but haven’t even spoken to yet? That’s because there’s an energy exchange going on between your astral bodies!

The fifth level is the etheric template body, which acts as the perfect template for the etheric body. Powerful clairvoyants say it looks rather like the negative of a photograph.

The sixth layer is the celestial body and is associated with spiritual emotion and ecstasy, such as unconditional love and a deep connection to the divine. If you’re lucky enough to be able to see it, it appears as shimmering, pastel-coloured light.

The seventh and final layer is the ketheric template or causal body, associated with spiritual mental processes and consciousness. This body contains past life information and also the life plan for your current incarnation. Clairvoyants see it as a golden egg-shaped light surrounding the whole body.

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