Living in the now – puppy style!

Posted on Nov 23, 2008 in Spiritual living

We’ve just got a puppy; a bundle of border collie fun called Jester who, yes, is living up to his name! As well as teaching my two sons a lot about caring and responsibility, the little chap has also been emphasising another life lesson for me – the importance of living in the present moment.

The past few months have been tricky for me which is always a sign that I’m doing a lot of growing and developing. But what I’ve come to realise is how much we sideline where we are, what’s going on immediately around us, because we’re so intent on what might be coming up tomorrow, next week or even next year. How much do we miss because of that?

I’ve had a few conversations with people recently who seem to be in similar “waiting” situations and we’re all impatient to be out the other side of our current difficulties, although none of us are really sure where that might be! But what difference would it make if we embraced whole-heartedly where we are now, believing and trusting that everything is just as it should be for the moment? I think it would make a massive difference.

The Zen tradition totally understood the importance of this, and taught the practice of living and acting mindfully – doing everything in life with full awareness and focused attention. So whether you’re washing up, gardening, shopping or doing the accounts, you place all your attention on that task as if it’s the first time you’ve ever done it. Pay attention to every detail involved, every sensation, every thought that you have concerning what you’re doing. At first it will feel false and exaggerated, but with practice you become incredibly peaceful and focused in your everyday life and you learn to appreciate all there is to be found in the miracle of just living every day.

And how does my puppy Jester come into this? I was watching him playing in the garden and around the house. He is absolutely aware of and alert to his environment in every way, and it’s been amazing to observe him take ten minutes to carefully explore a single, small stone with all his senses. He’s a bundle of fun and joy who delights in the simplest experiences life offers him, and doesn’t worry about where or when the next adventure will be – he just knows there will be one!

I, for one, am not going to let go of my dreams and visions for the future. But, like Jester, I am going to start thoroughly enjoying the process of moving towards them.

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