Dark side of the moon – reading for 2007

Posted on Jan 1, 2007 in Spiritual living, Tarot

For the first post of 2007 I thought it would be nice to draw a Tarot card as a message and inspiration for this new year – the card I drew was The Moon.

The Moon is a mysterious card, associated with the dark and feminine realms of the soul, the unconscious and the psychic – which is why I chose to call my company Triple Moon (I didn’t fix the draw and shuffled really well, promise!). So, it seems that 2007 is a good year for all of us to get in touch with those hidden aspects of ourselves that some of us can actually find quite scary. That’s the thing about moonlight, it can be eerily beautiful but it has a way of making things look not quite as they really are, unlike the more direct and clear light of the sun. When the way ahead is not so clear to see and everything looks a little confusing, The Moon asks us to trust our intuition and our hearts above all else and to tread cautiously forward one step at a time.

While deception and danger is a real possibility with this card, The Moon encourages us not to be intimidated by our fears. If you do, you can get lost forever – there’s a reason that the medical term for madness, lunacy, has its roots in the Latin word for moon! More frequently, this card marks a rite of passage where we have to bravely walk into the unknown and the strange so that we can emerge on the other side a wiser and stronger person. Ignorance can only be removed by experience, and by shining the light of consciousness onto our doubts and fears and trusting in our own heart we find that the darkness lifts. We may also be asked to embrace the darker and less loveable aspects of our nature, accepting and integrating them into our character so that we can become truly whole. Our werewolf legends show an ancient knowledge and understanding of this, with the full moon causing the ferocious animal to emerge in otherwise “civilised” people. Recognising the value of harnessing and taming this wild inner power, the spirit of the wolf is revered in native American and Celtic cultures.

Many cultures ask their young people to complete a long and difficult task before they can leave their childhood behind and assume the role of adult, and this is the message of The Moon in action. As we watch the moon wax and wane and be reborn each month, we become aware of this constant cycle of life, death and rebirth which is echoed throughout the natural world. Women, in particular, are very aware of this through their own menstrual cycle.

So how can you work with the power of The Moon this year? Meditation is the best way to tap into the lunar realms of the unconscious, imagination and creativity in a safe and controlled way. You’ll also get used to listening to and recognising your inner voice which is the truest and most valuable guide when you’re wandering through moonlit territory. As the moon rules the night, it’s important to take notice of your dreams too as they’re likely to hold important clues and messages for you. Why not keep a moon diary, seeing how the different phases of the moon affect your physical and emotional wellbeing? You might be surprised at the results.

Don’t be afraid to explore the mysterious and the unknown, tap into the psychic, or face up to whatever scares you most this year – in doing so, you’ll be transformed and renewed. Remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn!

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