The Soul Spiral – a year’s online journey

The Soul Spiral Monthly Online Gathering

BEGINS MONDAY 18TH OCTOBER @7PM through to 19th Sept 2022


What is it?

The Soul Spiral is a journey through one year; an online gathering once a month to nourish a vibrant connection to your soul – the wellspring of potential, resilience, creativity, joy, and intuition. As the earth ascends to take Her place as a sacred planet, like others before Her, it’s crucial that we align our consciousness with Her so we can keep in step with our own evolution. We follow the Celtic and lunar calendars, with each session inspired and informed by the universal and natural cycles that influence our life on earth. In this wider context, you can become more aware of your own unique connection with, and position within, the shining web of life. Over many years of spiritual work, I’ve come to understand how essential this understanding is to our sense of belonging, inner security, and purpose.

The format is flexible, reflecting the sources of nourishment and inspiration which have consistently sustained my own spiritual journey. At times I may use myth/story, poetry, meditation, journalling, guided visualisation, questioning and discussion among other things to dive deep into the soul realms. Whatever form our gathering takes, know that you’ll be retrieving wisdom to ground into every day, fuelling your growth, and imagining regenerative ways of living purposefully in our changing world.

I look forward to welcoming you at my virtual hearth and dishing up some delicious and nutritious soul soup from the cauldron!

What do you receive?

We meet in Zoom on the third Monday evening of every month from 7pm to 8.30pm. I’m in Wales in the UK so all timings are for London. Each gathering is recorded and available to watch or download for 28 days, if you’re unable to attend live. You’ll also be invited to join The Soul Spiral Facebook group where I share resources, soul promptings, and hold occasional live sessions, and you can connect and enjoy a sense of community and togetherness wherever you are on the earth. When your deepest feelings are shared, honoured, and understood, when you reconnect with the truth of your soul, you are revitalised and energised which, in turn, activates the healing of the world.

You can join the Soul Spiral Facebook group even if you’re not signed up to this yearly programme, and it’s a good way to get a feel for me and the way I work before you jump in.

When you join I’ll also give you a free gift – the Pure Me online course – which shares my tried and tested techniques for balancing and harmonising your energetic being.

What does it cost?

You can journey with me through The Soul Spiral for 12 months for £149. You can also pay in three monthly installments of £50 if that’s more affordable and convenient for you. Note that this is not a rolling programme, as the value lies lies in journeying through a full year, so you can only join before the start date.

How do I join?

Payment is taken through Paypal, either in a one off payment or installments over three months.

Once payment has been processed, you’ll receive an email telling you how to access your free gift, where to find The Soul Spiral Facebook group if you haven’t already joined, and Zoom instructions for joining your first gathering. See you soon!