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Descension; a poem

Posted on Sep 21, 2020 in Poetry, Uncategorized

Artist's palette

I meet the sighing sink and settle,
Restless Spirit recalls home and
Burrows deep in fleshy pillow, hollow bone.
A daily Autumn turn to inner dark
Of neutral nothingness yet everything,
Where I can know entirety of self
With unreserved honesty and love.
Deep Mother’s arms encircling me
And all my fears, my nightmares, hates,
My still unconscious, unfelt hurts.

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Language as a vision of life

Posted on Sep 9, 2020 in Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Taliesin from the Llewellyn Tarot

I’m learning to speak Welsh, something which has been a long time coming. Since I moved to West Wales two and a half years ago I’ve been hearing the language spoken locally all the time, and it has rekindled my love for and curiosity about it.

It started as a child coming to Wales often for family holidays, being fascinated by the musical-sounding place names and feeling intrigued enough to find out what they meant. Even at that young age, I think I could sense the deep interconnection between the Celtic naming of places and the land; a sacred honouring which reflected our ancestors’ sense of belonging to the earth. An honouring which was to become central to my way of living and finding meaning in the world.

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Back to the garden

Posted on Aug 12, 2020 in Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Wildflower meadow

The North and South nodes in my birth chart tell the story of my soul journey so far and where it’s longing to get to in my current incarnation. I’m moving from Scorpio (South node) to Taurus (North node), so my soul focus is all about finding the sacred in the simple details of ordinary life, investing everyday reality with divinity, and learning to calm the over-dramatic tendencies that stormy emotions and high levels of intuition can bring.

It’s clear to see this North node destination actively directing my life so far, in my embracing of a more simple life in terms of needs and reducing outgoings, harmonising with the environment and reducing impact on it.

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The shadow of fear

Posted on Jun 14, 2020 in Healing, Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Shadow of fear

“If light is love, then fear is its shadow” – L.J. Vanier

When did we become so fixed and inflexible? Why is it so difficult, as a quick glance at social media will tell you, to listen with an open mind to views that are different to our own, or to accept that other people may not respond to a particular situation in exactly the same way we do? The truth is you’ll never agree with anyone 100% of the time because you’re unique, a one-off. And thank Source for that, because it makes for a beautiful, exciting, and evolving world.

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A bird’s eye view

Posted on May 29, 2020 in Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Adar Rhiannon by SheWhoIsArt

I’ve always loved birds, and we have several feeding stations in the garden so we can enjoy their presence at fairly close quarters while knowing that we’re helping to keep the ample population fed and watered. During this lockdown, however, my relationship with them has developed and deepened.

The weather has been so gorgeous that most days I can sit outside for my meditation, and this means the birds have become much more used to my presence. They will fly so tight to me now that more than once I’ve felt a wing brush my hair or face, and I frequently hear a trilling melody so close I know the singer must be perched very nearby.

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