The soul journey through the Thoth tarot cards: The Aeon

Posted on Mar 27, 2014 in Tarot

Thoth Aeon Tarot CardContinuing my journey through the spiritual development meaning of Tarot cards, specifically the major arcana of the Thoth deck, we reach number 20…..

The Aeon Tarot card

With the Sun, you reached a point of being able to express every aspect of your soul. The next step is to go further, and to align with spirit consciousness.

When you reach the Aeon, you’re really ready to step outside of time and space and tap into the realms of divine knowing. You’re able to see everything through Spirit’s eyes and every event as having meaning on a much higher plane. It becomes impossible to judge or condemn anyone or anything because you can see beyond the concepts of right and wrong, good or bad. The veil of illusion is being removed and you’re seeing things as they really are.

Your consciousness is expanding rapidly and dramatically, and this is likely to reflect in the way you choose to lead your life. You may change how and where you live, who you choose to be in relationship with, or embark on a completely new career. Everything looks different from this view, and all your decisions now take you towards whatever supports your further spiritual development. You can now let go of any remaining preconceptions or structures that limit your “beingness” in any way, and move beyond them. You have total trust in the divine plan and divine timing and you’re embracing your multi-dimensional self.

At this stage of development, people become less inclined to talk and instead are content to simply dwell in calm and spirit-filled presence. It makes me think of receiving Darshan in Hindu and Buddhist cultures, where an insight or an experience of the divine is passed on not through words but just being in the presence of an enlightened teacher; being seen by them. There is a profound message in this. It’s helpful and necessary to spend more time in silence and quiet contemplation, without the need to do anything in particular. From this deep, calm space more and more profound insights and understanding can arise.

In some way, you’ll be able to provide Darshan for people who come into contact with you. They will sense your total acceptance of them as they are, that you don’t want or need to change anything about them, that you understand they are connected to you, and you can see yourself within them. You are truly living the truth that “all is one”. As a consequence, all your relationships are elevated to the plane of cosmic, unconditional love and no drama or striving is necessary. I also believe that this means you can release yourself from all your karma at this point, as you accept total responsibility for where you’re at and you’re able to access all timelines to heal any remaining wounds.

I see the two figures on this card, Horus the elder and Horus the child, as representing the fact that you’ve almost come full circle. You have regained the purity and child-like innocence (inner-sense) of the child or the Fool, but this blissful state is supported by all the wisdom you have gained on your spiritual journey. The beautiful dawn at the end of The Matrix trilogy illustrates this perfectly; it’s a new age, but it’s inevitably been shaped and informed by all that has been learned and experienced up to that sunrise.

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