The soul journey through the Thoth tarot cards: The Moon

Posted on Jan 23, 2014 in Tarot

Thoth Moon Tarot CardContinuing my journey through the spiritual development meaning of Tarot cards, specifically the major arcana of the Thoth deck, we reach number 18…..

The Moon Tarot card

The brightest light of the preceding Star casts the darkest shadow, and it’s into the shadows we must venture when we get to the Moon card. But a shadow is merely the absence of light, it indicates that something is preventing the light from getting through, and so now it’s time to delve deep into the Underworld where you’re not permitting the light of Spirit to penetrate.

This is not comfortable territory, and it’s easy to turn back at this point. We don’t like to focus on the murky areas of our personalities, the recesses of the subconscious where our fears are rooted. But this is the challenge of the Moon. It’s also more frightening because I truly believe that the only way to walk this path is alone. Others can share their experiences and advise you, but the only one who can do the work is you and you must trust your own heart and insight above all else. Working consciously with the phases of the moon can be very helpful at this time, observing how you’re affected personally, and being reassured by its cyclical nature. This too shall pass. For women, it’s an idea to explore the sacred aspect of your menstrual cycle, and the ritual use of menstrual blood for honouring the earth among other things.

It’s easy to get lost and to despair when facing our fears and our “faults”, and when it’s coupled with that sense of alone-ness, it can truly feel like you’re going mad. All your demons come out to play, and you can struggle to maintain a grip on what’s real and what’s imagined. Your dreams are strange and disturbing, offering you insights into this personal initiation. Here is where your karma lies too, in past choices of the soul, and having past life deeds and their results brought to your awareness can be terrifying and overwhelming. An extreme encounter with the Moon can catapult you into a dark night of the soul, of which many mystics have written so eloquently, when it can seem that even God/Goddess has abandoned you.

If you refuse to run from this despair and fear, if you turn to face it and carefully walk through it, the Moon promises that you’ll come out the other side safely. Not only that, you’ll be born again, like a new person, no longer afraid of the shadows. Your greatest strength lies in facing your fears, embracing the unlovable aspects of yourself, and that is why the Moon also holds the full power and potential of psychic ability and gnosis when you’ve passed through her gates.

To truly understand and know the destructive aspects of ourselves is challenging, and it’s something that we should test and monitor regularly as we grow stronger spiritually. Even the inimitable Galadriel willingly enters the Moon’s realms when she considers commanding the power of the one ring and, visibly shaken by what she unleashes, resists its lure.

We have to embrace the worst of ourselves before we can become the best. So just like Dorothy in Oz or Frodo in Mordor, when you find yourself in this strange and frightening landscape, don’t avoid it or run in the opposite direction. Instead, trust yourself and advance slowly but resolutely towards the fear. It will be a stronger, wiser, more compassionate you who emerges joyfully into the light of the Sun.

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