A synchronicity (not coincidence) story

Posted on Jun 20, 2013 in Spiritual living

Shadowfax the motorhome

Shadowfax the motorhome

The first and somewhat essential step in our motorhoming adventure has been taken – we’ve bought a motorhome. He has duly been named Shadowfax (for those of you who are not fellow Lord of the Rings fanatics, that’s the name of the horse that carries the wizard Gandalf through much of the saga; a stallion said to be the fastest, most intelligent steed in middle earth).

I’d like to share some synchronicities about how we got to this point, especially as I know this kind of thing happens in abundance when you’re in the universal flow. It’s as if you get a series of enthusiastic thumbs up from Spirit saying, “Yes, that’s it – this way and make it full steam ahead!” It is a particularly encouraging phenomena when you’re contemplating doing something that many people would see as mad, which I tend to do quite a lot. The first synchronicity was that just after we’d decided on our travelling plans, a new student joined my partner George’s yoga class and for a while he was just Roger, a very nice man. Then one day we dropped in on a local caravan and camper van services centre just to have a look around, only to find that the person who owned and ran it was…..very nice Roger! Wow, a gift of a  much needed expert and advisor.

We did quite a lot of research into finding the ideal vehicle for our travels, and we settled on a Hymer model B534. They’re small at 19 feet long which means you pay the same as a normal car on toll roads and ferries. It has a roomy pull down double bed over the cab which means you don’t have to disassemble sofas and mess around with cushions to make a bed up every night (it took me seconds to realise this alone would drive me insane within days). Mercifully, when you’re talking about travelling the UK, they’re fully equipped to keep you snug as a bug in the coldest of European winters which is great for a slightly-built psychic with poor circulation to her extremities. Oh, and they look nice – well I’m a girl who likes a bit of style!

We soon realised that we had obviously made an excellent choice indeed because no one ever seemed to want to sell one, at least not of an age and so at a price we could afford. We spent March and early April scouring eBay and Autotrader but nothing came up within our budget. I did a Tarot reading (like I do) and my cards clearly said we would find “the one” within the sign of Gemini – May 21st to June 20th – so I relaxed for a while. That’s how much I trust my Thoth deck! By the middle of May we were hot on the hunt again, and suddenly there it was, looking all streamlined and enticing (I know, who’d have thought I could get so excited about a vehicle?). Not only was it the exact model we wanted but it had all the extras – solar panel, two batteries, reversing camera, satellite dish for Internet (thank you, thank you universe)….and then it appeared to have sold. Oh no, I had been so sure!

But then it was relisted – hoorah! Apparently the buyer had not paid up (I confess to indulging in a fantasy involving  a crack team of angels hiding credit cards, and mysteriously emptying bank accounts).  So we phoned the owner in East Sussex, and negotiated an RAC check, and then asked very nice Roger for some advice. He said to make sure we had a motorhome engineer check it over and he just happened to have a friend who worked in East Sussex. When we went back to the owner about this, he explained that he’d only recently had a full habitation check carried out and it had been certified with flying colours by……you guessed it, Roger’s friend! The universe is really, really good at this.

So, my beloved George bravely made his first ever motorhome driving experience a five hour one from East Sussex to mid Wales, and loved every minute of it. Shadowfax is now safely stabled in his new home, and the official purchase date? June 19th (the last day of Gemini). You have to love it!

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