Letting go to flow

Posted on Feb 2, 2011 in Spiritual living, Tarot

Hanged Man card from the Thoth deckI know that it’s time for change and I welcome it openly, but I’m realising how difficult it can be to allow that change to happen (even when you want it) for all sorts of reasons; fear of the unknown, material and personal insecurity, lack of self-confidence, distrust. I wouldn’t say I’m a control freak – a quick check with the boyfriend confirms I’m not, thank you George – but I know I can still benefit from loosening my hold on how I want things to become, and strengthening my ability to just allow things to be, perfectly.

In the Tarot, this idea of not resisting what is happening around you but being in a state of receiving is represented by the Hanged Man card. In my Thoth deck, it shows a man hanging upside down under water, totally surrendering to the watery flow and giving in to his destiny. This card will often come up when someone feels stuck and unable to move forward. When we want things to change we can so easily push too hard to try and make it happen (to our carefully thought-out exact requirements of course), instead of taking a step back to allow things to develop and unfold in their own perfect time. In effect, we then create a stalemate for ourselves as our resistance to the current situation just creates more resistance and so that’s exactly what we experience. It’s important to remember when the Hanged Man shows up that although it might appear that nothing is happening on the surface or externally, underneath and internally valuable progress is being made as new concepts and ideas are being absorbed and digested so that you can adopt a fresh approach to the situation later. The precious time out is only for a short while and it gives you essential clarity to make the right moves later.

As always with me, it’s a great start to work physically and for me dancing is a wonderful way to get into this flow state. At the moment I am focusing on belly dancing, and this gorgeously feminine and sinuous style of dancing has been so helpful in helping me to relax my need. Your body will tell you the most profound truths about where and how you are inflexible, stiff or not allowing full potential of movement in your life as well as your dancing. Settling into and following the shifting rhythms of the music teaches you to adapt, to be alert to the need for change but to flow effortlessly as you allow your body to respond to what you hear. I love seeing women of all ages, shapes and sizes celebrating their inner Goddess, and the variety that each brings to the dance. No one moves in quite the same way, and everyone has their own particular style.

Even the process of a class – warm-up, dance, cool-down and quiet relaxation – illustrates the important cycle of doing and then resting, actively creating and then integrating and letting go of the energy ready to create something new the next time. What a fantastic metaphor for life. And what’s more it makes you feel and look great! As Stephen Batchelor said, “A path is…….carved from commitment and opened up by letting go. It entails both doing something and allowing something to happen.”

As I was searching for an image to go with this article, I clicked on a web picture of the Hanged Man. The computer hung in suspense for a while and then returned a blank page with the error message “The connection has timed out”. Talk about external events reflecting internal realities! I guess even a computer needs to let go sometimes……

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