The perfect year? Reading for 2009

Posted on Jan 1, 2009 in Spiritual living, Tarot

I have a tradition of pulling a Tarot card as an overall guiding message for the world in general at the beginning of each new year. I use my beloved Thoth deck, which has some differences to the traditional Tarot but in my experience is deeply powerful and empowering.

The card I’ve drawn for 2009 is Adjustment (Justice in the traditional Tarot). In shades of blue and green, it shows a woman balancing perfectly on tiptoe holding a sword point down in front of her. A large pair of scales hangs from above her head with the pans at equal height either side of her. She wears a mask and there are bubbles of blue all around her.

More than anything, this card is about maintaining inner centredness and calm, whatever your circumstances. We already know that this year is set to be a tumultuous one with many necessary changes. It is interesting that for me, this card has over time developed a meaning of “karma” and of reaping what we have sown. There is no doubt that the current financial crisis is a perfect illustration of how past actions have long-term future effects. I agree with those who have a very positive outlook for 2009, and see this card as a confirmation that we are moving towards a more fair and balanced society (in traditional decks, this is the card of Justice with all that entails).

As individuals, Adjustment encourages you to avoid all extremes in your daily life and to rely on your inner sense of calm and balance to allow the wonderful new ideas that are undoubtedly arising now to bear fruit. Some form of meditation is extremely important for all of us this year, helping us to find that inner source of peace which can hold us strong when we may find ourselves in the middle of uncertain and disruptive times. If we do this, nothing will be able to throw us off balance or unsteady us. Despite what we may hear on the news, there is no need for panic! We must also bear in mind the personal concept that everything we do now will shape how everything will be – it’s quite a responsibility so make decisions with care. If you have made mistakes in the past, and perhaps are now dealing with the fallout of that, this is a good year to put things straight and ensure a more peaceful future.

My overwhelming sense as I study this card is of harmony between opposites. Blue is the colour of the throat chakra and communication, so I feel that 2009 is a year for talking honestly and openly about everything. Green is the colour of the heart chakra and healing – there is an opportunity here for humanity to begin healing the mistakes we’ve made with this beautiful planet of ours and begin to restore the ecological balance. We can only do this if we openly admit where we have gone wrong and discuss how we can put it right, from the heart. When you think about it, the underlying reason for anything to go off course is when you upset the natural balance and push too far in one direction at the expense of the other. So 2009 is going to be about equal partnerships and balance – between humanity and nature, men and women, resources and their distribution, science and spirituality, our inner dreams and outer realities. Wow, now that sounds like a perfect year!

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