Email Courses

I developed these email courses so you could learn about and develop your spiritual awareness and psychic abilities from the comfort of your own home, when it suits you, and without the hassle and expense of having to travel.

Spiritual Development Course (Email or CD)

Spiritual Development Course by Semele XerriThis course provides you with everything you need to develop your psychic abilities and spiritual awareness in your own time and at a very affordable price. Psychic ability is like a muscle – we all have it but you need to exercise it regularly for it to grow strong and maintain its power. This course will help you to identify your psychic muscles and give them a good stretch! At the same time, you will develop spiritual and self-awareness to bring you a new sense of peace and empowerment. You are a divine soul with access to inner reserves of light, magic and mystery which give you limitless potential. The spiritual development course includes:

  • 12 lessons, in written and audio format
  • Audio meditations and visualisations
  • Practical exercises and homework
  • Recommended books to read to expand further on each module
  • 30 minute spiritual coaching session by phone

The course is structured in twelve modules which cover: Grounding and Connecting Using your Intuition The Aura Remote Viewing The Chakras Spirit Guides Timelines, Past/Future Lives Psychometry Divination with Tarot cards Divination with Dowsing Numerology Earth Lessons and Soul Purpose “Since I started the course with you my ability to recognise and interpret extra sensory messages has developed tremendously.  This development has matured me as well and has changed my ability to protect myself when interacting with others. Thanks Semele.  The course has been powerful.” J Fisher, Scilly Isles


The course is delivered on email or CD. Please allow 5 days for CD delivery. If you order the email course, I’ll ask you to complete a registration form which will then activate the course to begin sending.


£49.00 – a bargain! I originally taught this course in four workshops which cost £45 each, so you’re getting real value for money with the content and the benefit of a personal session with me.


To order the Spiritual Development course, just select your delivery choice from the drop-down menu and click the Add to Cart button. Alternatively email me at or phone me on 02921 253339 to arrange payment by cheque or direct bank transfer.


Intuitive Tarot Reading Email Course

This course provides you with an excellent foundation and introduction to reading the Tarot for yourself and others, using an intuitive approach. The emphasis is very much on practical application and personal experience, encouraging you to build a working relationship with your chosen deck. You will benefit from the knowledge and experience I have gained from my many years of reading the Tarot for myself and as a professional reader. The intuitive tarot reading email course is delivered in four modules, delivered by email once a week.  Each module contains teaching material about a particular aspect of  Tarot reading along with helpful examples, and exercises for you to complete in your own time to apply and consolidate the learning. The modules are:

  • The structure of the Tarot and working with the major arcana
  • Working with the minor arcana and the court cards
  • Carrying out a reading
  • Using spreads and putting it all together


The course costs £50.00. There is no tutor input included with this course, but at any time you can choose to receive feedback from me on one or more modules, at an extra charge of £35 per module.


To order the Intuitive Tarot Reading e-Course, use the Add to Cart button below. As soon as Paypal has processed your payment you will be directed immediately to the course registration page. Alternatively email me at or phone me on 02921 253339 to arrange payment by cheque.


Enhance Your Tarot Skills Email Course

This course is a great way to improve your work with the Thoth or any other Tarot deck, and I wrote it with Emma Sunerton-Burl of Tarot Training. It also gives you a great introduction to what you can expect from one of her other excellent online Thoth training courses. The course is designed to run over eight weeks, but you are perfectly free to take longer and work at the pace that is right for you. You will receive one lesson every two weeks by email on the following subjects: Module 1: Colour in the Tarot Module 2: Analysing Dreams with the Tarot Module 3: Animal Symbolism in the Tarot Module 4: Timing with the Tarot and Goals A week after each lesson, you will also receive a Consolidation email reminding you to catch up on any outstanding work from the week before and also giving you guidance on how to further explore the current module’s subject matter if you have time. The Gerd Zeigler book Tarot: Mirror of the Soul is referred to in this course and you may find it helpful to have one to work with. There is no tutor input with this version of the course. However should you receive the e-Course and decide you want to do the mentored online version, you will receive a reduction on the cost of the course. You are also welcome to pay for mentoring from me on any module of this course if you wish to try it out.


£40. If you’d like to receive mentoring from me, I can tutor you at a price of £35 for each module of this course, and you can choose to be mentored for just one or all of the modules. Simply contact me to arrange mentoring; contact details are given in the course.


To buy the Enhance Your Tarot Skills email course, use the Paypal button below. As soon as Paypal has processed your payment you will be directed immediately to the course registration page.