Sacred Site Transmissions

Sacred Site TransmissionsSince passing through the unique gateway that was December 2012, the world has changed. I am marking this change by going on a full-time journey pilgrimage to many of the sacred sites in the UK and Europe over a period of two years. You can read more about my personal adventure in my Blog. There is a need now for all of us to anchor anew into the earth, our jewel of a planet, to redefine our relationship with her, and to attune to the new cosmic energies she is carrying for us. We can then expand more quickly and effectively into the fifth dimension and the new consciousness, to the benefit of humanity and the glory of All That Is.

I am offering a series of sacred transmissions for you to join me in this re-anchoring, to experience and integrate the energy of these sacred sites, some well-known and others not so familiar, from wherever you are in the world. A transmission (also known as an attunement or an activation) is simply a way for me to open you to receive specific energy and knowledge.

The energy of each site is very different, and not all of them may be right for you according to your own star origins. Please read the description below and feel into whether you are called to be present and to participate, always with a pure intention. If it feels right for you, just click the Register button at the bottom of the page. Registration is free, although there will be an opportunity to make a small donation if you are able and wish to.

Next sacred site transmission from:
Water Break Its Neck Waterfall, Radnorshire
Thursday 23rd October 2014 (new moon) at 7pm GMT

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Water break its neck waterfallThis otherworldly waterfall is to be found (quite a challenge in itself!) in Warren Wood, on the edge of the ancient hunting forest of Radnor in mid Wales. Legend says that the Radnor Forest is home to a fierce dragon, whose power is only contained by the several churches dedicated to St Michael which form a ring around it (to keep the dragon in or out, no one knows)! The fall itself is hidden away deep within the trees a fair way from the nearest road, and so it’s never really busy and you can often have the delicious experience of being there alone. Spray from the waterfall creates a rare pocket of temperate rain forest with its associated ferns and lichens, creating an environment alive with faeries and elementals, and air that zings and buzzes with vibrant energy. When you’re there, it feels like the perfect space in which to release burdens, manifest wishes, and honour lifelong commitments.

The guardian says…

“I am keeper of the deepest mysteries, and I can amplify and extend whatever energies you bring to me. I always see straight to the heart for only the truth can exist in my presence, and your experience with me will reflect that which I see within your depths. There is no judgement in this, for only by seeing and knowing who you truly are can you be wholly and holy yourself. To step into my watery mantle is at once a test and a revelation, for I both offer and demand change – as you choose.

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