Past Life Regression

Past life regression with Semele Xerri

What is past life regression and how does it work?

If you’ve ever had an irrational fear of something or felt strangely drawn to a person or a place, it’s likely that past life experiences are affecting you.

As eternal souls we often carry over physical and emotional wounds from past lives into our current incarnations. This can manifest as physical illnesses, phobias and destructive emotional patterns among other things. A past life regression can identify the unresolved issues that are holding you back in your current lifetime, and heal them so that you can move forward.

I use relaxation, guided visualisation and questioning to access the Akashic library for you. Together we work to release the wounding, misunderstanding, vows, contracts or promises that are limiting a past life aspect of your soul, and re-integrate the soul fragment in whatever way is most appropriate for you. You remain in control and fully conscious throughout, although in a deeply relaxed state.

If you want just a past life regression session, then please contact me to arrange it.