House and Space Clearing

House and space clearing with Semele Xerri

What is house and space clearing?

If you feel uncomfortable, scared or even ill in your own home, it could be a sign that your house needs healing. Energy is all around us and the energy in a building can be disturbed by many things – past emotional traumas, death, illness or electrical activity – which is then passed on to the people in that building.

Earthbound spirits and entities are another cause for concern. While some people can sense spirit presence and not be bothered by it, at other times it can cause severe discomfort and real fear with strange smells, eerie cold spots and unexplainable activity occurring with frightening regularity.  If any of this sounds familiar, a house healing and space clearing is the answer to restore energy balance and stop any unwanted spirit activity. I use crystals, dowsing, energy healing and mediumship to harmonise and cleanse the energy in the house, alleviate geopathic stress and rescue any spirits that need help to cross over.

“The results from the house cleansing have been incredible. The house seems to have instantly lifted and is now lighter in both the atmosphere and appearance.” Necla, Manchester

Do you need to come to the house?

The easy answer is no! I usually carry out house clearing remotely (from a distance) using floor plans, but I am willing to travel if expenses are paid. I am based in Camarthenshire, West Wales.