Spiritual guidance February/March 2024: Trust the natural flow

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Spiritual guidance February/March 2024

Here’s my spiritual guidance February/March 2024, covering the month beginning with the Aquarian new moon at 10.59pm on February 9th (in the UK). I draw one card from the Thoth Tarot to explore the key energy of these four weeks, and then take a quick look at the astrology.

Spiritual guidance February/March 2024 from the Tarot

Another major arcana card indicates a time of momentous shifts and events which are backed by powerful spiritual energies. Fortune is also the card of extensive and usually rapid, sudden change which has a deep flavour of destiny about it.

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These changes are a part of the natural cycle (indicated by the revolving wheel) of birth, growth, then a dying away to make room for renewal. So the changes may appear positive ones, bringing expansion, abundance, and better times with them. Many people might call that luck, but you know better. You understand that your choices and decisions are what shape your “fate”. The thoughts and intentions you put out into the world return to you in physical reality.

On the downward turn of the wheel come the times when things or situations have to dissolve, disintegrate and fall away. In the circle of life, all these stations on the wheel are happening at the same time of course. So you’re likely to see endings, blossomings, and new beginnings all playing out this lunar month. How they manifest in your personal life will depend on your unique situation.

What’s important to grasp is that wherever you find yourself in the cycle, make sure you’re sitting at the centre of the wheel where you can remain relatively level and balanced while all going on around you may appear to be a whirling tumult. How do you do this? By taking a few minutes out of every day to ground yourself firmly present in your body, and breathe deeply to restore calm and clarity of mind.

Especially if you’re in the dissolution part of the cycle, which obviously feels less comfortable, you can find peace in the knowledge that life is always revolving in this way and you won’t be stuck in this phase forever. Better times will come eventually; it’s the natural way of things. The falling away is making space for renewal to come later. So rather than resisting or fighting what is, try to go with the flow of life as it’s presenting itself to you.

Connect with your soul now – your Higher Self – who can reassure you that despite how things may look, all is well. More than that, you can gain deeper insight at times like these about what your soul wants to let go of and what it wants to expand into. Your soul will make it clear to you where you have been stuck in a loop of repeating unhealthy patterns or behaviours and help you to break out of them. You have a soul purpose, a mission your soul chose to take on during this lifetime, maximising the use of your unique skills and talents for the benefit of the world. This month, if you listen and pay attention, you have the opportunity to step more decisively into your soul calling and so move towards fulfilling your personally chosen destiny. Over the next four weeks I recommend you get to grips with this chance for purification and greater alignment with both hands.

While we’ve moved on to more esoteric meanings, I see this card as representing the eternal revolving of the cosmos and the passage of time (as we humans experience it). So I have a sense that it might seem as if time sometimes speeds up or stretches itself out. The same applies to space. I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn more about up till now hidden mysteries of the universe, or if there are surprise discoveries and revelations about the far and deep reaches of space – and time. Perhaps our long held assumptions about history and our past will be challenged, and so open up a radical new perception of the future. If you’re interested, like me, in keeping up with the latest developments, you can find it all here on the NASA space exploration and astronomy news website.

This month, then, is going to be moving fast. I have an image in my mind’s eye of you poised lightly and securely on your toes, ready to be flexible and respond as opportunities arise or your circumstances suddenly shift. You have the power to create a more beautiful future for yourself and the world. Believe that. Trust it. Trust your inner vision and welcome what comes from it.

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Guidance February/March 2024 from astrology

The new moon in Aquarius, now accompanied by the transformational presence of Pluto, is likely to promote unexpected events. The changes these events bring mean the world has to move with the changing circumstances. In particular, there’s a need for more global knowledge sharing and collaboration. There’s a passionate constellation of Venus and Mars around Pluto on Valentine’s Day, rather fittingly. All relationships at all levels, and the justice and balance within them, will come up for review now. You may see resentment and rebellion erupting wherever one-sidedness and unfairness exists. At the full moon in Virgo on the 24th February, imaginations can be fired with idealistic and heart-felt solutions. These show promise, as long as they’re well thought through and based firmly in practical reality.

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