Accessing your inner Oracle

Posted on Dec 9, 2014 in Spiritual living

Accessing your inner OracleWhen I first became fascinated with the Oracle, magical and often cryptic messenger of the divine from ancient Greece, I was excited about finally remodelling my home bathroom after saving up for some time for the necessary finances. I had the idea of creating a water temple, dedicated to the element of deep feeling, and the image I held in my inner eye was light-coloured stone tiles against a background of deep mediterranean blue walls. It wasn’t until afterwards that someone informed me the beautiful tiles I had selected were travertine – the very stone on which the temple of Apollo at Delphi is constructed. You really can’t make this stuff up! Consciously I didn’t know this, but a part of my soul did, and had guided me to recreate a loved and remembered environment.

Not long afterwards, I dreamed of a life as a Priestess. In this dream I was walking through a grove of trees, warmed by sunshine, offering guidance to a seeker. The unusual thing was that every inch of my torso was completely covered in bees. I was totally at ease, with not one sting, and the most memorable sensation was the feel of honey dripping down the base of my skull and the back of my neck.

Clearly I was reconnecting with my past experience as an Oracle and Melissa, and being invited and instructed on how to bring these abilities into my present incarnation. This is something I believe we can all do; it’s our right as spiritual beings, but we’ve just forgotten how to do it. So I decided to take a deeper look at my dream to understand more fully the understanding it was offering, so I that I could apply it myself and pass it onto you.

The grove

The foundation for exercising any spiritual gift effectively comes from a solid rooting in the natural, physical world. When your lower chakras are balanced and clear, you’re able to reach further and higher into the unseen dimensions. Spending time outside aligns you with the natural order, and reminds you that this wisdom or knowledge from the higher realms is to be brought back into the here and now, in a very real and tangible way. The grove also represents sacred space and the importance of setting aside the time and space in which to commune consciously and deliberately with the divine, within and without.

The bees on the body

Our bodies are the most important and sacred tool we have as humans. By being fully present and appreciative of our bodies, in a state of finely tuned awareness, we can learn much. This is true sacred sexuality. Just look at the poised surety of the beautiful Oracle above! Bees themselves are pollinators, a symbol of fertility, and they never exist as singular beings. They work and contribute as part of and for the good of the hive. In the same way we’re connected to All That Is, and our purpose is to offer our unique gifts and skills to humanity and all life. When we help others, we also help ourselves. There is also the understanding here that we’re never making the effort alone; we’re connecting in to an infinite, living network of wisdom which is constantly at work throughout the cosmos.

The honey

Mmmmmmm. Honey represents the golden sweetness of life, the joy that you taste when you live day to day from your passion and desire. It’s like liquid sunlight. What’s your honey? If you want to blossom into your full potential, then do what you love! In this day and age, I feel we must be reminded to allow ourselves to taste that sweetness, to be loving towards ourselves. Too often we believe life to be a chore of duty and responsibility, and that pleasure and delight has to be earned (and then only as a very rare treat). Not so! Every time you give yourself love, pleasure or delight, you’re offering yourself healing and applying balm to your soul.

The back of the neck

We have a chakra at the base of the skull which many don’t know about. It’s called the Well of Dreams or Zeal Point, and it governs interdimensional communication and astral travel. Also known as the Mouth of God, it enables you to use your voice to channel divine wisdom, and it assists the kundalini, activates prophetic dreams, telepathy, healing abilities, clairvoyance, and much more. It influences the brain’s limbic system, which controls our deepest feelings and sensations. When you understand your feelings and sensations, allowing them to guide you, you’re able to access these higher, expansive realms of knowing.

More recently, as the form of this article began to coalesce, I had another significant dream. I was on holiday in beautiful countryside, lounging on a rug, very relaxed and happy. Very gently I was lifted and transported along the lane towards the nearest village, floating several feet above the ground. As I travelled, I was aware of wondering where I was going and why but I wasn’t at all worried or caught up in that. I was just aware of a mild curiosity, enjoying the view! When I was softly deposited in the village centre, I was just in time to meet my family who I don’t get to see very often. They were unexpectedly disembarking from a recently arrived bus.

Forget the why

So my last tip for accessing your own inner Oracle is to let go of needing to know the why of things. You don’t have to understand everything; just relax and go with the flow of your feelings; follow the joy. Know that you’re being gently but firmly guided by love towards love . When you do that you can truly delight in the journey, and you’ll always have spiritual family to celebrate with you.

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