Reclaiming the sacred feminine

Posted on Feb 12, 2013 in Healing, Spiritual living

Sacred FeminineFor a long time now I have been particularly drawn to the idea and expression of the sacred feminine. I don’t think this is just because I’m a woman; I believe men have equal access to this aspect of themselves as women do to their sacred masculine. But I know that part of the reason for me being here now as a woman is to demonstrate and encourage sacred femininity in action.

I think it started (as did my in depth spiritual journey if you’ve seen my About page) with reading Women Who Run With the Wolves by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. The author is a Jungian psychotherapist as well as a soulful storyteller, and this book explores and explains the feminine psyche brilliantly through fairy tale and myth. I can’t recommend this book highly enough and if I had my way would make it a legal requirement to gift a copy to every teenage girl celebrating her first moon time!

That book had so much impact on me I was inspired to run workshops based on its wisdom, and my profound appreciation of its vital importance. Over recent years I have been guided to a wide range of teachers who have educated me in many different ways about the sacred feminine. What exactly do I mean by that you may well ask? I mean our innate wonderful, wild and wise woman energy – she who will not be tamed, repressed, or contained but lives instinctively and intuitively from her soul. This is not soft, pink and fluffy womanhood; this is juicy, empowered and bold womanhood that steps forward and takes her rightful place in the world.

Now this can be scary for many, because female energy is necessarily chaotic, unpredictable, and creatively powerful. She brings certain change, and often flies gloriously and unashamedly in the face of what is logical and sensible. But oh the unlimited depth of her heart, the infinite height of her potential, the boundless width of her expansiveness…..well, there’s her effect right there in my poetic outburst!

As always with me, I wasn’t drawn definitively to one specific path or school for my learning but rather zigzagged from beautiful flower to beautiful flower, drawn by what my soul radar sensed to be the sweetest truth. At the end of this article I’ll name some of the people that have especially informed my rediscovery of what it is to be wholly/holy woman, but first I want to point out the one aspect that has been mentioned by and connects all of them, and which can be such a stumbling block because of its taboo nature. That is, the acceptance and celebration of a passionate, sensual, sacred sexuality and through that a deep connection to the earth and the universe beyond.

There are so many facets to this kind of sexuality, and you don’t have to dig very far to see that there are deep-rooted, centuries-old problems in our society associated with all of them. Any mainstream TV programme or magazine will illustrate them for you. So here are just some of the ways you can explore your sexuality (when reading this list, please know that it is possible for a woman to hold the male energy polarity and a man to hold the female energy polarity):

  • Feeling at home in your natural body
  • Loving and nurturing your body
  • Understanding the way your body works
  • Listening to your body’s wisdom
  • Being unashamed of your body
  • Honouring the menstrual cycle
  • Expressing and celebrating sexuality freely and healthily
  • Seeing sexuality as sacred and divine
  • Knowing sexual energy as creative and intuitive
  • Connecting to the womb as life-bringer and creator of everything (not just babies)
  • Connecting to the earth and universe¬† through the womb and vagina
  • Accepting and delighting in being “different” to men
  • Accepting and delighting in men being “different”
  • Being aware of the perfect combination of male and female “differences”

That last one is particularly essential now, as we set about creating the new golden age, bringing heaven to earth. A harmonious and equal partnership of the masculine and feminine is the only way we’ll overcome the challenges facing the human race and our future on this planet. On our own we only hold half the answer. Together we’ll shine the full spectrum of divine light on all that we do and I’m thrilled to say I believe that we’re beginning to do this.

You will learn and grow exponentially just by asking yourself how you feel about the items I’ve talked about in the list above, how much and how effectively you accept and include them as truths in your life on a daily basis. They will show you where your sacred feminine is wounded or bound and needs healing or release. I would be honoured to help you with any problem areas you identify, if you feel it’s appropriate, through readings, or intuitive¬†healing.

You may also want to explore the information and inspiration offered by these people or others like them who I’m grateful to say have graced my own life with their knowing:

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, author of Women Who Run With the Wolves
Anaiya Sophia, author of Womb Wisdom and enchantress of the holy Sophia
Nancy Warren, belly dance teacher in mid Wales and the borders
Jules Heavens, sound healer and sacred feminine facilitator
Simon Buxton, author of The Shamanic Way of the Bee
Miranda Gray, author of Red Moon
Eve Ensler, playwright and author of The Vagina Monologues
Judith Bogner, shamanic healer and personal friend

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