The soul journey through the Thoth tarot cards: The Lovers

Posted on Nov 19, 2012 in Tarot

Lovers Thoth Tarot CardContinuing my journey through the spiritual development meaning of Tarot cards, specifically the major arcana of the Thoth deck, we reach number 6…..

The Lovers Tarot card

Having gained all you can from your mother, father, and spiritual teacher, it’s time for you to venture out on your own and learn to understand and manage yourself in relationship to everything as well as everyone. The Lovers asks you to explore your relationship to people, work, money and more, all from a spiritual perspective. You must learn to see things from all points of view, not just your own, so that you can make informed and harmonious decisions which feel right in the heart, decisions made with love. Once you make a choice, it’s important to make a commitment to honour that choice and follow it through with all your heart, until and unless your heart takes you elsewhere.

At this level of knowledge you can begin to come to terms with the essential duality of the material world, and to see the possibility of uniting opposites (not banishing them) through love and acceptance. Everything that exists has an opposite – male/female, adult/child, human/animal, earthly/celestial, black/white, emotions/physicality – and the key to a peaceful life is to be able to embrace both in balance and harmony.

The inner male (animus) and the inner female (anima) is the obvious opposite pair shown on the card, and the state of this inner relationship is often reflected back to us by the romantic relationships or partnerships in our lives although friends and business partners can also play the reflective role. So often the problems and struggles you face in your personal relationships are reflections of your own inner struggles to realise and fulfil your needs. If you have truly united your inner male and female then you don’t need an “other” to feel complete and whole, and you can give your love freely without expectation. (See The Emperor and The Empress, and The Magus and The Priestess articles for descriptions of these male and female qualities).

Another aspect of duality that is vital to get to grips with at this stage is your unconscious shadow side. When you do the deep work of shining the light of consciousness on those parts of yourself you do not like, are ashamed of or have rejected, you can reclaim untold energy, strength and inner treasure. This is illustrated beautifully by the larger figure blessing the lovers from above on the card. You get a sense of the couple uniting to become something greater than the sum of their parts, something beyond just the physical. When you give yourself fully and with love to someone or something beyond your small self, then you are capable of achieving seemingly superhuman results. Aung San Suu Kyi is just one example of this heart-centred approach to life and choices.

You may find yourself being drawn to explore the Hieros Gamos at this time, which is the reuniting of twin souls representing the sacred male and the sacred female who are embodied as two individuals , although the individuals themselves may be of the same gender. For me this sacred marriage also represents the unifying of the soul and spirit, the temporal human and the eternal spirit aspects of yourself. When you realise and embrace fully your immortality, death has no sting and you know that love really does live forever.

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