The Higher Self and the soul

Posted on Apr 18, 2012 in Healing, Spiritual living

You are eternally and unchangeably a divine spark of Spirit and part of All That Is. When you choose (and you do choose!) to come to earth as a human being, your Spirit, which is always pure and perfect, cannot lower its vibration enough to experience the dense and negative energies of this physical realm. So part of your Spirit remains within and  connected to All That Is while another part of you enters your body as the soul.

The Higher Self by Andrew Trimmer

The Higher Self by Andrew Trimmer

This part of you which retains its connection to Spirit and does not enter the physical body is called your Higher Self. It is the aspect of you that is pure, perfect divinity, and it possesses all the divine qualities of compassion, love, wisdom, receptivity, non-judgment, intuition, creativity, inspiration, peace, open-ness and connectedness. The Higher Self is the very best possible version of you because it is, in fact, who you truly are!

Your body is locked in time and space, and when your soul enters the physical body it forgets all about who it really is and where it comes from. It becomes very much identified with those two limitations of time and space and all the accompanying physical, emotional and mental experiences of life on earth as a material being. But this is just an illusion, albeit a compelling and convincing one – just watch the Matrix films!

Your soul is not limited by time or space, or anything at all in fact, as it is always connected to Spirit through the Higher Self. The Higher Self possesses infinite knowledge and wisdom because it is a part of that infinite knowledge and wisdom. It knows why you are here, what your soul needs, and how you can fulfil those needs. It knows the answers to all the questions you will ever want to ask, and so it is important to learn to communicate with it. Working with the Higher Self is essential for healing at a soul level and establishing a relationship with it is intrinsic to my Spirit Release work with clients.

So the purpose of all spiritual development, whatever path you follow to achieve it, is to re-connect with your Higher Self so you can claim and live as your true identity – that of an eternally perfect and divine being of unlimited love, light, wisdom and power. In this way, you nourish and heal not only yourself but also humanity, the planet and everything beyond which is the main purpose for you being here.

A very simple way of connecting to the divine within you and the Higher Self is given in my post Aura and Energy Protection.

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