Cord cutting visualisation

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This cord cutting visualisation is brilliant for helping with all sorts of relationship difficulties and helps you to maintain your own energy. When we are having problems with other people, we often feel exhausted as our energy is being directed to these others through the energetic cords that connect us. This exercise restores your individuality and energy integrity, helping you to move on freely from relationships that have run their course, while removing blockages and unhealthy attachments from within ongoing relationships (don’t worry, it does not harm or end a relationship if you wish it to continue). The cord cutting exercise can be of most help when:

  • You have become obsessed with someone and can’t stop thinking about them
  • You are finding it hard to let go of or move on from an ex partner, friend or family member or someone dear to you who has passed over
  • You are having difficulties within any relationship and cannot seem to communicate with the other person effectively
  • You are feeling unduly influenced or pressured by someone

You may need to repeat this exercise more than once, so if you start to feel pulled back or unable to move just repeat it at regular intervals. Over time you will notice the cords diminishing and eventually vanishing altogether.

Cord cutting visualisation

Imagine that you are standing within a circle on the ground. Then draw another circle on the ground in front of you, touching yours but not overlapping it so that the two circles form a figure of eight. See that figure of eight lighting up and pulsing with an intense blue light running around it continually. Imagine the person you wish to clear energy with standing opposite you in the other circle.

Take your awareness to a viewpoint from which you can see both your figures from head to toe. Now ask your higher self and guides to show you where there are energy cords connecting you together. Allow some time for them to appear and be prepared to see anything – thick or thin cords, metal or stringy textures…….it could be anything. There may only be one or you may find many.

For each cord, starting with the one you feel is strongest:

  • Ask your higher self and guides what you need to use to cut that particular cord – perhaps a pair of golden scissors, an axe, a chainsaw, a blow torch – do not be surprised by whatever comes to mind!
  • Collect up all the bits and for the moment put them at your feet in your circle
  • Ask if either of you need any healing where the cord was connected and visualise that happening in an appropriate way if it’s necessary. You may want to put an ointment on the wound, surround it in pink or another coloured light, or put a plaster on it!

When there are no more cords connecting you, if there is anything you need to ask your person to forgive you for then do so now. Also, if you feel you need to forgive them for hurting you in any way do that too (ask for help from your guides and angels if you don’t feel very forgiving!). Take this opportunity to say anything else to them that you’ve felt you wanted to but didn’t have the chance to. Then tell them that they are free to go and send them on their way with love.

Now look down at yourself and see what you’re wearing. To mark the change in energy I want you to take off the clothes you’re wearing and add them to the pile of cut cords at your feet. Ask your higher self and guides how you need to dispose of this rubbish. You may want to burn it on a bonfire, bury it in the ground, dissolve it in acid or throw it out of a plane!

When the cords have been completely destroyed, imagine an expanse of water in which you would really enjoy bathing (a lake, waterfall, the sea for example) and take a dip, washing away any negative or residual energy left behind.

When you feel clean and refreshed, you’ll notice a massive ancient tree in front of you by the edge of the water. It has a new garment hanging on its branches for you to put on. Make your way to the tree and put this garment on.

Sit with your back to the tree trunk for a while, absorbing the strength, peace and calm energy from this tree, knowing that you can return to it at any time in the future if you need to. When you feel ready, gradually allow yourself to return to normal consciousness.

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