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Hammocking: the science and art of daydreaming

Posted on Jul 22, 2021 in Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Hammocking: the science and art of daydreaming

I’ve invented a new verb; hammocking. My partner recently pulled down a crumbling shed in a corner of our garden and replaced it with a hammock. I wasn’t convinced by the idea initially, but I’ve fallen in love with the reality of it.

The first time I lay full length in that hammock, up at the top of the garden where all you can see from your gently swaying, supremely comfortable position is sky and trees, I was immediately transported back to childhood.

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Hanging back or worth the wait?

Posted on Jun 4, 2021 in Spiritual living, Tarot, Uncategorized

Thoth Hanged Man Tarot Card

Although many of us have been isolated from family, friends, and the ability to socialise for over a year, now that the opportunities to venture out beyond our four walls or garden is available, there is a strange reluctance to do so. Many of my clients have said it’s been difficult for them to stay home (often alone) for extended periods of time, and yet now they don’t understand why they find the thought of going out and mixing with people unappealing and stressful. They’re more likely to not bother and just stay right where they are. I drew The Hanged Man Tarot card as a four week guidance card for a group I teach in yesterday, and it reminded me of this pattern I’d been noticing in myself and others.

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Earth star; as above so below

Posted on Apr 9, 2021 in Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Earth star; as above so below

The earth star chakra sits somewhere between six and eighteen inches below your feet, and when fully activated it anchors and aligns your energetic body into the core energies of the earth, for the grounding, harmony and nourishment of your physical being. At the same time it aligns you with cosmic energies, empowering you to feel and see the truth of yourself as part of a vast unified consciousness.

The phrase “as above, so below” really hit home for me during my travelling years. Back in 2013/14 I went on an eighteenth month pilgrimage of ancient and sacred sites in the UK, living and working in a camper van.

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Best foot forward; a dream work renewal

Posted on Mar 16, 2021 in Healing, Spiritual living, Uncategorized

Baby feet

Do you use conscious dream work as part of your self-development and soul growth? I’ve been blessed (it only occasionally felt like cursed!) with an extremely vivid dream life, which only went quiet during a few years of peri-menopause. I mourned the loss of my interior reality life; I’m assuming there was so much rippling on the surface of my consciousness that there was no need for indirect messaging. If you’ve been through menopause you’ll know exactly what I mean!

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Keeping it real – Reading for 2021

Posted on Jan 5, 2021 in Spiritual living, Tarot, Uncategorized

Thoth Tarot Five of Cups

After a difficult 2020, the ramifications of which have spilled over with us into 2021, the key to navigating this new year lies in the realm of emotions, imagination, and dreams with the Five of Cups. As a five, this card is not comfortable or cosy because it disturbs the stability of the previous number four, shoving you out of your comfort zone and into the inevitability of change. The only thing that doesn’t change is change right?

As the subtitle suggests, when you lose the comfort and pleasure brought by anything you love, whether that’s people, jobs, relationships, ways of life, or spiritual beliefs, you can be overwhelmed by loss and disappointment.

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