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Semele Xerri of Triple Moon

To be or not to be

Posted by on Oct 31, 2016 in Poetry | Comments Off on To be or not to be

In trying so hard not to be That which I wish to avoid, All I have known and felt as Hurtful Painful Isolating Challenging Unloving Unpopular I can deflect. I can forget to be I can neglect to be All that I am. Was this Hamlet’s perplexity? Do I live a life of not being, Rather than of being? That IS a question. For one is spent on denial, Repression and suppression, Perpetual fight or flight. It is a reactive No, A living death. The other roots in acceptance, Open-ness and feeling, Continual ebb and flow. It is a passionate Yes To life...

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Divine dedication

Posted by on Oct 20, 2016 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on Divine dedication

Not just in the spiritual world, but generally, I’ve found myself talking about and mourning the loss of the idea of apprenticeship, of committing to spending a significant amount of time, energy and focus to learning and honing a skill or to following a calling. This can either involve being in service to a particular person who has already walked the chosen path for many years and so has extensive wisdom to pass on, or it can simply be a commitment to a way of life or a code of practice within a sphere of activity. For either,...

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Light show

Posted by on Aug 26, 2016 in Poetry, Uncategorized | Comments Off on Light show

The interval is over. Time is called. Now! How long have I hoped to hear those words? Aeons, and lifetimes, and incarnations, and contracts All building so beautifully, so purposefully up to This moment, Instantly. Every tiny adjustment signalling a momentous Move that could not be known or understood Before No matter how wise or enlightened, Nor the reach of my impassioned impatience. Auditions, rehearsals, read-throughs which Once fuelled frustration Yet resolved into the perfect pattern, The magical mandala that spirals me Here. Centre...

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The voice of the heart

Posted by on Aug 10, 2016 in Healing | Comments Off on The voice of the heart

Do you like the sound of your own voice? So many of my clients tell me that they hate the way they sound when they speak, and some can’t even bear to listen to themselves at all. Add to that the fact that for a majority of women the throat chakra is often the one most in need of healing and it’s easy to glimpse the untapped potential in the voice. In creative myths and legends around the world, it is often a sound that summons every thing into the state of being, a sound which is understood at the symbolic level to be the voice of...

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Call of Sophia

Posted by on Jul 28, 2016 in Poetry | Comments Off on Call of Sophia

I hear it often before I feel it – a low unrelenting hum That arrests and strains me towards it, yearning to catch The rhythm and pulse in my heart and womb. My breath becomes the refrain of Her call. And that is that. There is no thing to be thought or said or done Until I am abandoned to Her presents and That hum has come to thrum through Each particle, photon and space within me. “Aaaaaaaaaaah,” She sighs as She senses Me soften, Yielding and unravelling into consecrated one-ness, “There I am.” Image by...

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Holding Inanna’s hand – embracing menopause

Posted by on Jul 19, 2016 in Healing, Spiritual living | Comments Off on Holding Inanna’s hand – embracing menopause

I’ve been consistent in writing articles for my blog and recording videos for a few years now, but just recently you may have noticed that I haven’t been so active recently (or maybe that’s just my social media ego hoping)! After a couple of false starts where the words simply weren’t flowing, or I felt I really didn’t have anything worthwhile to share, I decided to leave it for a while. At first I attributed this disturbance in my usual creative routine to being thrown by the sudden cancellation of our house...

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Timing and intention

Posted by on Jun 9, 2016 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on Timing and intention

Uranus has been sitting in the sign of Aries for a few years now, and I’m an Aries – just in case you were wondering at the level of change that seems (paradoxically) to be the only long term certainty in my life! Welcome to my world; which is enormous fun and tremendously exciting, even with the scariness that only occasionally nibbles lightly at my adventurous spirit. The latest big shift is that after almost a year on the market, we’ve sold our house. The lovely, homely cottage that has seen me launch my business, meet my...

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Eternal flame

Posted by on Apr 21, 2016 in Poetry | Comments Off on Eternal flame

Someone has smoored the fire, apart from my tending. A pale and creeping chill has shawled my shoulders, Infringing my dulled heart and labouring belly. I yearn for the leaping flame, the heat-blushed cheek, And the charged crackle of life-affirming burn. I want anything, nothing, anything but to cradle this cold. My instinct to distraction. But I breathe, the ice-sharp blast like a bellows Reglows the unseen spark. In and out, in and out, I air the song of Being With my compassionate attention. Kindness is kindling. The uninvited are welcome...

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Aging gracefully; you’re as old as you feel

Posted by on Apr 15, 2016 in Healing, Spiritual living | Comments Off on Aging gracefully; you’re as old as you feel

I’ve never really been bothered or felt limited by age. Perhaps it’s because I grappled with lack of self-confidence and shyness as a child and teenager, whereas the older I got the more confident, comfortable and relaxed I became. Consequently, I fulfilled a lifelong ambition of learning to ride a horse in my early thirties, experienced paragliding for the first time in my late thirties, decided to live as a nomad in a camper van for a year in my mid forties, and have consistently danced and exercised my way through life. So far,...

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What if your path is to stray from it?

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Spiritual living | Comments Off on What if your path is to stray from it?

While reading a book recently about living as the embodiment of your soul purpose, the author referred to the work of Carl Jung, and that he would say the ways we stray from the path ARE the path. This caught my attention and true to my searcher form I immediately called up Google to find the original. Instead, this direct quote from the great man popped up: “If the path before you is clear, you’re probably on someone else’s.” Well I howled with laughter. If you read my blog regularly or know my work, you’ll be aware that I have a...

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