To be or not to be

Posted on Oct 31, 2016 in Poetry

Hamlet (Kenneth Branagh)In trying so hard not to be
That which I wish to avoid,
All I have known and felt as
I can deflect.
I can forget to be
I can neglect to be
All that I am.
Was this Hamlet’s perplexity?
Do I live a life of not being,
Rather than of being?
That IS a question.
For one is spent on denial,
Repression and suppression,
Perpetual fight or flight.
It is a reactive No,
A living death.
The other roots in acceptance,
Open-ness and feeling,
Continual ebb and flow.
It is a passionate Yes
To life and rebirth.

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Semele Xerri

© Semele Xerri is a psychic intuitive healer, animal communicator, and Reiki Master Teacher. To find out more about her and her services, go to her Work with me page.