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Posted on Oct 20, 2014 in Spiritual living

The dragonfly dance of transformationA lot can change in a matter of weeks. We returned home to mid Wales at the end of September, after a year of travelling the UK, with the intention of preparing for another year venturing into Europe. Instead, I found myself responding to the inward pull of the Autumn Equinox by longing to stay put, find a cosy nest to snuggle into for the winter, and allow all those fantastic energies collected on my sacred site visits (see my Sacred Site Transmissions page) to swirl, percolate, and settle within me. It’s hard to allow that fully when you’re planning your route, searching for an Internet signal, and assiduously checking the weather forecast for freakish conditions on a daily basis!

For a week or so I hovered indecisively, not really sure of the best thing to do. At one point, I decided to undertake a mini shamanic vision quest which always works well for me with trickier decisions. Nature never lets me down with her wisdom, and this process always validates for me that there is no separation between all that is and myself – we are one and the same. I prepare myself with meditation, set my intention or formulate my question, and then set out on a walk in a remote, natural setting. I note everything I see, hear, and experience on that walk, especially if it seems unusual, and consider everything to be part of the guidance and the answer I’m seeking. On this occasion I was walking in a fairly stark area of the Elan Valley, and my attention was constantly being drawn down to my feet to observe the tiny details that I’d usually miss. On that walk I encountered two creatures I hadn’t noticed before in this place; a tiny newt and a dragonfly nymph.

As I observed both of these little beings, they exhibited similar behaviour in that they were scurrying urgently away from the open space on the track on which I’d first spotted them and heading for shelter under the rocks. “Yes,” my fellow life forms seemed to be saying to me, “like us it’s time to get off the road and find secure shelter for now”. As totems, both the dragonfly and the newt are linked with accessing the psychic and spiritual watery depths, and also with adaptability, and the process of transformation, change, and metamorphosis. Clearly I had some growing and evolving to allow, and this would be far easier for me if my environment wasn’t also in constant motion.

Once the difficult decision had been made, we spent a couple of days traipsing in and out of estate agents, asking about places to rent. Who’d have thought this area was so lacking in small spaces, that weren’t at the top of buildings in the middle of towns and were happy to house a dog?! Although it seemed pretty impossible at this point, I knew that if I was meant to be here then we could trust it would happen, and maybe we just needed to think a bit out of the box. So we put the word out to friends and on Facebook, and asked estate agents to sound out any clients with suitable places for sale that might be willing to accept tenants for a few months. That evening a call came in from my partner’s Mum. Her friend who lived on a farm had a very small cottage that she didn’t usually rent out but was happy to let us have for the winter. The next afternoon we went to look around and meet the owners, found it was completely perfect (very small is positively spacious after a year in a motorhome) and we moved in that evening. What did I say about things happening if it’s meant?!

It’s hard to let go of a plan, isn’t it, once you’ve decided upon it? Even more so when you’ve announced it to the world and are half way through! As my partner put it, it almost feels like you’ve failed if you don’t do exactly what you said you would. But I know that’s not true. It would have been a mistake not to listen to the insistent voice of my heart and my body, to have carried on moving when everything in me was crying out to stop. It would have been a mistake not to recognise that the two year plan I’d so enthusiastically embarked on twelve months ago had already served its purpose; for now anyway. Later, if it feels right, we’ll pick up where we left off. The work of those twelve months visiting the most beautiful and magical of landscape power spots now needs time and space to integrate into my energy field. So shall it be.

So, here I am happily settled in Nantmel, mid Wales, for the next six months at least, and looking forward to welcoming all who wish to join me for a time in my sacred space here. There is a time and a season for everything, and this one is all about transformation. If you do come to visit for healing or guidance, then more than ever before be prepared to leave as a changed person!

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