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Posted on Dec 13, 2013 in Spiritual living

Wuthering heights of the moorsTen years ago I made a conscious decision to move from the big city of Manchester to the rural peace of mid Wales. I believed it would improve my personal well-being and enhance my spiritual life; and it did. So I’m aware of the importance of environment and how much of an effect, for better of worse, it can have on you.

Now, as I’m travelling, I’m privileged to be able to witness this on a day to day basis, and to get to know my individual environmental chemistry (for want of a better word!) in a much deeper way. Part of the reason I wanted to make this trip was to see if there was any other area of this country, or indeed another, that was drawing me to live there. I felt a profound calling to my mid Wales home and so it will need to be a similar irresistible pull that moves me on. I haven’t felt that yet, but what I am noticing is that I feel better, more energetic, more balanced, in certain types of surroundings.

I guess my reaction is heightened because in the motor home we’re so much part of the environment we’re currently in. We eat, sleep, work, and play right there in the middle of it. Yes there are boundaries to the vehicle, but they seem much flimsier than bricks and mortar ones. The “outside” is much more immediate and makes more of an impact on you because you can see it all the time, right there! Also, because our nomadic pace of life is deliberately slower with an emphasis on experiencing fully what’s around us, I find I sense every tiny nuance of energy which I would easily miss if I was at home surrounded by the call of domestic duties.

When we’re in a town, which we usually are when I have several appointments booked so that I have a good signal to work with, I find my body begin to coil and tighten a little after a while, my mind to speed up and my spirit to long for some peace and quiet. I know I couldn’t go back to living in a town centre again. When we’re by the sea, I love the sound of the waves and the fresh tang in the air, but after a day or so I begin to feel spaced out, ungrounded, and also a little tired. (Sorry George, I know you’d love to live by the sea.) I seem most at home, most comfortable, in the middle of the rural countryside, especially on high ground and hills where a breeze is never too far away and trees are plentiful. Here I feel rooted deep in the earth, my spirit is calm and receptive, yet my energy is vibrant and uplifted.

It’s amazing how finely tuned our bodies and souls are to the environment, and how much that environment can enhance or detract from our quality of life. Wherever it is possible, I highly recommend doing some research into where is best for you. It doesn’t have to be expensive or adventurous; a trip a few miles or even metres down the road may be able to tell you a lot if you’re willing to be attentive. Do you require quiet or a lively buzz, running water or hills, salty air or the caress of fresh breezes, the ancient companionship of trees or wide and wild expanses to feel at your best?

Think of Cathy roaming the wuthering heights of the moors which she loved passionately and were a part of her as much as, in fact indistinguishably from, her Heathcliffe. Or the diminitive hobbits made suddenly brave and heroic in defence of their beloved Shire. There are places that make our souls sing, that capture our hearts and bring us to life, inspiring the very best of us like nowhere else. Where is yours?

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