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Posted on Jul 12, 2013 in Spiritual living

Malvern sky at sunsetPart of the reason for our motorhome adventure is to simplify our lives, and to explore new ways of living and being on this planet that reflect the values of love, harmony and compassion.

So from the moment we planned our first trip (a deliberately safe one to a Malvern camping site as I was attending a course in the area), I wanted to adopt this attitude by trying to use only organic and eco-friendly products. When it comes to cleaning, I’ve found that one bottle of Ecover multisurface cleaner pretty much does everything I need it to – surfaces, floors, windows, mirrors, bathroom. This is great news when you’re living in limited space and every extra square inch available is a blessing! I love the fact that you can buy refills so you’re able to recycle their containers, and of course you know that you’re not harming the environment or yourself by breathing or touching anything abrasively chemical.

Talking of limited space, I’m quite surprised that I haven’t found it limiting at all. In fact, the very opposite applies, it’s liberating. I only take with me what I absolutely need which I quickly discovered is far less then I thought, and I’m a fairly minimalist person to start with. Everything has to have its allotted place, so nothing is left out but gets put away as soon as you’ve finished using it. There is no uneccessary and superfluous clutter lying around. I have Uranus in Virgo in my astrological chart so this all appeals to my inner neat freak in a ridiculously satisfying manner. (I’m aware that there”s a possibility I may feel very differently after several months ….but hey, I’m an optimist!)

As a motorhomer, it also means you’re ready to set off within a minute or two of deciding you want to move and don’t have to worry about loose objects causing damage. (This lesson was learned the hard way when George forgot to securely stow the heavy duty flask which promptly fell on the tap, breaking the lever and sending water spurting everywhere through the motorhome. He says it was a rather surreal moment when he glanced over his shoulder while driving on the streets of Malvern to witness a flood in full torrent)! Always being prepared in this way paradoxically allows you to be more spontaneous.

The big revelation has been that when you’re wild camping, which we were for our second trip, then you’re running on limited resources. I was acutely conscious of how much of everything I was using from water, to electricity and gas, and having those telling meter readings in clear sight meant I focused on conserving wherever possible. For example, I can have a thorough full body wash with a flannel and half a small sink of water so there’s no need to use the shower every time. I took to boiling the kettle on the gas hob in the morning and making up a huge flask of tea which I can drink throughout the day. I chose to spend more time outside, seeing it as an extension of our living space when the weather allows, and to meditate in the evening after dark so I didn’t need the lights on for reading so much.

In case you wondered, we’ve opted to go without a TV for the whole time (apart from watching the odd programme or film on laptop, as I confess freely to my film buff status and a love for the series Nashville, especially the outraged text exchanges it elicits between my younger son and I). We’re lucky as our van came with a solar panel already installed and it seems to charge the batteries really effectively, especially in the unusually sunny summer we’re enjoying in the UK right now.

So, in a small way and thanks to a small space, I already feel that I’m adopting healthy habits and more harmonious approaches to life that I won’t want to give up when we do (or if we do!) return to a static home. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have more cupboards and drawers to empty of stuff that I just don’t need…….

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