Life without limits – planning flexibly

Posted on Nov 1, 2010 in Spiritual living

As I continue to formulate some long-term and very exciting plans for the future, I have been very aware of how much I can automatically limit myself and the potential outcome of any situation. I’ll show you what I mean. Just think about fulfilling your wildest dreams for a moment or two…………………….now, how quickly did that tiny but oh so influential word “but” make an entrance?

How easy it is with one small “but” to talk ourselves out of starting something at all because it’s not the right time, the money isn’t available or it doesn’t suit the other people around you. If you do manage to get things off the ground, you can be persuaded to start toning down the original wild vision because of what other people may think about you, you don’t believe the dream is really possible, or sometimes even because you’re frightened of what might happen if it does come true!

While it’s great and helpful to have a clear vision of what you want, it’s also possible to limit yourself with too rigid and fixed ideas of how it’s got to be. You may have a very exact vision of the new house you want, for example, and consequently refuse to look at anything that doesn’t fit that picture to the last detail. Who’s to say the universe might not have something even better lined up for you, but if you’re not prepared to deviate from your strict list of criteria then you’ll never know what that might be.

I notice this frequently when people ask me for descriptions of future partners that might be coming their way, and even when asked I very rarely see physical characteristics. I always think it’s because if I tell someone their future man is dark-haired, they may totally ignore all the lovely blondes wandering hopefully across their path! I explain to people when I read for them that I am able to see the most probable future at the moment of reading, but that they are always free to change that future if a better opportunity presents itself, or if their own evolving desires and aims leads them in another direction. That is the exciting thing about this adventure called life, there are so many possibilities!

So, as I plan for my future now, I am focusing on anticipating what is to come but not expecting anything in particular. While I have a clear idea of what I want to achieve, I’m remaining flexible with exactly how, where, when and what because Spirit is limitless, and as Spirit so am I.

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