A bolt from the blue – the power of lightning

Posted on Sep 30, 2010 in Spiritual living

I have recently returned from a wonderfully relaxing holiday on the lovely island of Malta. This was my third visit and one of my most vivid memories of my last trip eight years ago was of spectacular thunder and lightning storms. I was lucky enough to be treated to a couple more on my recent visit, and we got some wonderful video footage which may appear on Youtube at some point courtesy of my son.

Storms seem to be a love it or hate it thing. For me, they’re exciting, slightly scary but in a good way and I come alive with the palpable energy you can feel pulsing around you in the air. I inevitably rush to the nearest window or doorway (open if it’s safe) to absorb the experience as fully as I can, even if it’s the middle of the night. For others they are a frightening reminder of an uncontrollable and potentially destructive power that elicits a desire to hide under the bed covers until it’s all over!

By accident as I was having my lunch today I caught a fascinating documentary about the latest scientific research into lightning and I learnt something very interesting. Apparently the heat produced in clouds by the electrical charge during thunder storms causes nitrates to be formed which then rain down onto the earth as valuable nutrients for plants. In addition, fires sparked by lightning strikes in the Australian bush are regarded as essential clearers of land which nutritious “bush tucker” plants can then colonise. So old, unproductive life is burnt away so that new, more nourishing life can take its place.

As I watched I was really reminded of the Tower Tarot card, sometimes called the lightning-struck tower for obvious reasons. The Tower usually represents a sudden and unforeseen event which is usually traumatic when it happens and has far-reaching consequences in the life of the person who has been visited by it. Ultimately, though, you can look back at a Tower event and see how it actually broke down limitations and restrictions that were holding you back and left you free to begin anew in a much healthier and more positive way. Isn’t it fantastic how science is now proving the most ancient of esoteric wisdom?

Maybe this is why I love thunder storms; even as I’m thrilled by the slight danger and the hint of possible disaster I am aware of the powerful and life-giving energy underlying it. And then there’s that amazingly still calm after the storm, when everything seems washed new and the air is energised and clear. Certainly I had a few years in my life when the Tower card kept turning up in my readings and over time I learned to love not fear it. I understood that the change it brought, no matter how difficult or upsetting it felt at the time, would always eventually lead to better things.

So which are you? Storm lover or hater?

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