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Posted on May 5, 2010 in Spiritual living

All the powerful earth-based cultures, such as the Native American and our own Druidic Celtic, held an enormous respect and reverence for the animal kingdom. They believed that everyone had a particular animal that was their “totem” – an animal spirit guide that could help the person communicate with the spirit world and teach them what qualities they needed to develop and work with in their lives to fulfil their destiny. By developing a relationship with your animal totem, you can access its archetypal energy to transform and empower you.

Most people have one or two main animal totems that remain with them throughout their life, while others pop in and out at specific times as their energy is needed. If you want to find out what your main totem animal is, you’ll often find that it’s an animal you’ve always had a natural affinity for or fascination with. Did you collect teddy bears or toy frogs as a child? Do you have dreams where the same animal frequently appears? When you go to the zoo, which animal do you feel drawn to visit most? When you have determined what your animal totem is, find out everything you can about them so that you can then apply their characteristics and energy to your life. I thoroughly recommend the wonderful book Animal Speak by Ted Andrews which includes a guided meditation for you to meet your totem animal.

Have you ever found yourself seemingly followed about by a particular animal which appears in magazines, on TV and everywhere you look? That animal is trying to tell you something that you need to think about or focus on right then and there. For example, over the last few weeks I’ve had lots of squirrels run out in front of my car – I admire their daring in trying to catch my attention and it has worked! Squirrel is asking me to look at my level of activity and business and make sure it’s properly balanced with play and fun. Anyone who knows me will know how appropriate that message is!

Animal totems can teach you so much about the rhythms and approaches that will work best in your own life. If you have a bear totem, you’re going to naturally need time to withdraw and develop projects in the winter which can then be put into action when you’re feeling more lively and active in the spring. If you have an owl totem, you may find you’re more alert in the night hours (a real night owl!) and also have an uncanny ability to see and hear things that people would rather keep in the dark about themselves.

So next time you narrowly miss another hedgehog on the road, or spot the third kite you’ve seen that day, ask yourself what message that animal may be trying to communicate to you. “Every existing creature manifests some aspect of the intelligence or power of the Eternal One……” (Manly P Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages).

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Semele Xerri

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