Best wishes for 2010 – reading for the year

Posted on Jan 1, 2010 in Spiritual living, Tarot

The card I drew to guide us in 2010 is the nine of cups, subtitled Happiness in my favourite Thoth deck. It’s a beautiful card showing nine purple cups topped by golden lotus flowers stacked in three rows of three like a champagne fountain, with streams of liquid gold flowing bountifully down from the top cups to overflow onto the ground. It looks like a celebration in itself and that is exactly what this card means in its simplest sense.

The nine of cups reminds us to celebrate every moment for the blessings it can bring – the successes as well as the failures, the good as well as the bad. No matter how bad a day we’ve had there is always something, tiny though it may be, for which we can be genuinely thankful. Things may not always be perfect, but if in every moment we are willing to focus on and appreciate the joy and beauty all around us wherever and whenever we find it, then we become a source of that beauty and joy for others. Happiness is contagious and infectious, and when we choose to be happy it overflows to touch everyone with whom we have contact, which in turn creates more beauty and joy………you get the idea. 2010 is to be a year of team spirit, co-operation and compassion, for what is happiness if it is not shared with others?

At a spiritual level, the nine of cups indicates an inner fulfilment which can only come from a sense of one-ness with the universe and a connection to the inexhaustible Source of love that flows continuously through and around us, and from which we can never be separated. So don’t miss out! If you have yet to really feel and know that connection then 2010 is the year to find what it means for you, and how you can best maintain it. An important aspect of this card is also living in a spirit of trust, being optimistic and believing in the benevolence of the universe which is so important as we face inevitable change. There will be no doom-mongering from me!

Traditionally, the nine of cups is known as the wish card. It indicates that you have the power to manifest your heart’s desires, and always comes with a gentle reminder; “so be careful what you wish for!” I am deeply comforted and uplifted by this card for 2010. It tells me that if I remain conscious of my connection with the Divine, gratefully accept everyday blessings and keep my heart warm and open to everyone I meet, then I can achieve my wish. What is my wish? That every soul on this planet and beyond will want to do the same. To quote one of my all-time favourite films, relevant for every season, “It’s a Wonderful Life”!

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