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Posted on Sep 30, 2009 in Spiritual living

There has been a lot of emphasis placed on the return of the feminine “mother” energy to our planet as we approach 2012, and I attended an excellent workshop on the meaning of the divine feminine a couple of weeks ago. What I already knew, but it was brought home to me fully during the course of that weekend, is that as with all great spiritual truths it begins with yourself. The divine feminine is essentially the unconditional love aspect of Spirit and I realised just how difficult it is to give that to ourselves, let alone extend it to others.

Most of us are our own worst critics, constantly talking ourselves down and making ourselves unhappy with negative beliefs about our worthiness, outer beauty, skills and talents. This generates fear, insecurity and therefore a need to exercise power and control which is then reflected back to us by the people around us. You only have to watch the news to see this in perfect action. It is so true that what we focus on we create. If we could all truly love ourselves, accept who we are with all our “faults” but at the same time recognise the beautiful, eternal soul within us, what a different place the world would be. There would certainly be no place for fear, and an awful lot more room for love, laughter and joy. It sounds so simple, but then the most profound wisdom always is.

I’d like to encourage you do something over the next few days (inspired by a channelling from Michelle Eloff). Sit down and make a list of all the negative beliefs and fears you have about yourself and what you’re entitled to in life – your health, relationships, abilities, money, everything. Be completely honest and get it all down on paper. Then close your eyes and imagine for a moment that you are unconditional love, the divine feminine aspect of God, looking down on you as you sit there. From this perspective, write a letter from God to you describing all the joys, successes, talents, hopes and dreams that you have been and are blessed with. Don’t think too much about what you’re writing, just let it flow. This will really help you to let go of your fears and love yourself, and others, for the divine beings you and they are. You can burn your negative list, but keep the positive one somewhere obvious so that you’re constantly reminded to focus on this positive self-image.

As we watch world events unfold around us in these turbulent times, it’s clear that there has never been a greater need for compassion, creativity, understanding and a sense of community – we are all in this together – and the best solutions to our current challenges will be reached using these feminine qualities. But that doesn’t mean we can forget about the need for man power too – without the masculine active drive to manifest in the world, the divine feminine would remain hidden and unfulfilled. And it has to start with you and me. By loving and accepting ourselves, by embracing our intuition and creativity and then, most importantly, acting upon it, we are creating the heaven on earth that has been promised and is day by day becoming more of a reality.

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Semele Xerri

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